Friday, May 22, 2015

Congratulations Mike Hosking But

Newstalk ZB Morning host,  Monday through Friday 0600 until 0830, last night won The Paul Holmes trophy for Broadcaster of the Year at the  Annual Radio Awards.

Red Rad(io) does not enter as a commercial entity and I understand they also proscribe their on air people entering as individuals.

So Mike, well done, now take a long look at what constituted the competition, in a few words it was not much.
In the absence of a credible opposition in the Parliament, from what I observed from the Budget reply debate yesterday, it falls to media people such as Hosking to analyse, examine and question all the politicians on their policies promised and delivered. I think it was Whaleoil that published this morning, an off air extract of The Nation not meant for publication, where Lisa Owen welcomed Grant Robertson to an upcoming segment and it was all about allowing The Opposition finance Spokesperson,  to line up what he wanted to be asked on air about the Budget.
So it was nothing to do with Owen acting as an independent interviewer acting on behalf of her 'adoring', viewing public. No it was all about enabling the  amoeba in the spineless labour caucus to frame the interview. The revelation was also revealing in what 'Robbo' had actually gleaned from the Simon Says  Budget as points to attack.

So might I humbly suggest to the 2015 award winning broadcaster that he spend some time reviewing his performance and attempt to discover ways that he might explore, to confront the agenda driven employees of NZ Inc to challenge their rose tinted glasses view and perhaps get them to reveal things they do not want exposed to sunlight. Of course if they avoid such scrutiny have a look at some offshore efforts where they just ignore such contrived absence and ask the questions of an empty chair and inform the viewers as to what is already in the public record.

For gods sake you have been described as the 'forth estate', stop being the public relations department of the various pollies and do the duty we the mushrooms need to have pursued on our behalf so as to be able to make informed choices, come election time.
It is an onerous duty and democracy needs it performed if it is to survive.

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Bruno 32 said...

You are so right GD. Lisa Owen is not a member of the 4 Th estate.