Friday, May 8, 2015


for pulling off a victory which no-one expected increasing their number of seats to a projected 329 and achieving an absolute majority.    Labour, routed in Scotland and giving up seats in England (including that of the Shadow Chancellor - Ed Balls) and Wales while the Conservative's coalition partner in the last Parliament, the Liberal Democrats, were all but wiped out in a pattern repeated in the European elections and in New Zealand where the coalition partner of a majority Party had vengeance wrecked upon them by their own constituency who somehow held betrayed.

Saw that here with Winston First in 2008 and with the Maori Party in 2011 and 2014 and now the LibDems are reduced to just eight seats and lucky to hold any at all.    It's going to be interesting to see how this pans out in the future.   Is it going to mean a greater reluctance by third Parties to enter into formal coalition arrangements? ... time will tell.

Fascinating to me that the xenophobic and racist UKIP took more votes of Labour than the Conservatives (sorry about that Howie ... do the numbers) and ended up reduced to just one seat.

Their ugly side was in play with their candidate, Robert Blay, in the NE Hampshire seat 'outed' in a rant where he said of his Conservative opponent, Ranil Jayawardena, tipped as a possible future Prime Minister ... "If he is I will personally but a bullet between his eyes".    For the record Jayawardena won the seat with a 5.5% swing and a majority of 29,916 from the second placed LibDems and Labour third.

Inevitably there will be calls for the introduction of a form of proportional representation replacing the present FPP system with the SNP and the Liberal Democrats over-represented in the number of seats won vs votes while the UKIP (who polled 1.5m more votes than the Lib Dems) and the Greens might argue they were hard done by.    My message ... beware of Greeks bearing gifts and think carefully before acting to change the system. Far better that the Conservatives correct the gerrymander favoring Labour and LibDems in the constituency boundaries (especially ooooop North) blocked by the LibDems in the last Parliament.

Finally, Mrs Veteran was pleased to note that her hometown boy and classmate at Leominster Grammar, Bill Wiggin, held on to his Herefordshire North seat with a increased majority of 19.996 and a positive swing of 3.9%.

A great night for those of us who inhabit the bright side of politics.

Late Update .... Deputy PM and LibDems leader Nick Clegg has resigned along with Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP, with Ed Miliband, Labour leader, expected to follow shortly.

Further Update .... Miliband gone and with all the results now in the Conservatives have increased their seats held and won to 331.


Howie said...

"Far better that the Conservatives correct the gerrymander favoring Labour and LibDems in the constituency boundaries"

The Tories got 36% of the vote and 50% of the seats and your solution to this affront to democracy is to make it worse. Get real. Britain isn't a proper functioning democracy. If the UKIP weren't such a bunch of twats I would feel sorry for them.

gravedodger said...

When I skim through those who were elected by The Conservatives and some of the mongrels who were given their beans by the voters best placed to assess the abilities of candidates in an electorate of some 40 000 voters rather than from a filtered and nationwide portrayal by a totally inept media, it is then that the main strength of FPP becomes glaringly obvious. Ed Balls, George Galloway, Rob Messenger to name three.
One wag suggested Cameron's Budget received a boost from the fringe candidates who lost their five hundred quid deposits, LOL.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... that's what happens in FPP. Get over it. Far better than the altn with the Govt held to ransom by the UKIP (twats as you so eloquently put it) and the Greens.

The gerrymander, particularly in the North, is an establised fact. The LibDems, for all their holier than thou attitudes, opposed the redrawing of boundaries for obvious reasons as did your mob. Cameron can now correct the rort.

While the UKIP did very well picking up votes from both the left and the right it is clear they had more of an impact in erstwhile Labour constituencies. Best example is in Morley & Outwood, Ed Balls (Shadow Chancellor) seat lost to the Conservatives with the UKIP candidate coming in third polling just under 8,000 votyes.

I note that while it is reported the Conservatives have a majority of twelve (eleven if you discount the Speaker) the reality is that it is boosted to fifteen as the four elected Sinn Fein members from NI will refuse to take their seats (because they have to swear allegiance to the Queen and they won't do that) ... never have.

One final point. It is a long established convention that once the Speaker is elected he is not opposed in his constituency. In return he, in effect, sits as an independent and does not vote except in a tie when he votes for the status quo.

Labour and the LibDems respected the convention and did not stand against John Bercow in Buckingham. The UKIP and the Greens refused to follow the convention ... funny that. Bercow won with an increased majority.


UKIP are not xenophobic and racist.
Far from it.
Their immigration policy is actually non/anti-racist because it seeks to treat everybody the same, rather than give free entry to EU citizens.
The policy is to have a points-based system like Australia and New Zealand, so the quantity and quality of immigrants can be controlled.
Seeking to curb immigration is not racist, but is based on recognition of the economic impacts, such as immigrants pushing wages down as well as helping fuel pressures on housing, schools and health services, as the infrastructure struggles to cope with a rapidly-growing population fuelled by immigration.


Oh and as for the guy who threatened to shoot his Tory rival, he was immediately suspended by the party.
While UKIP has faced much publicity over the actions of errant members, many of the troublesome ones being former Tories, other parties have their problems with racists, crooks and the like, but the media, especially the BBC, has tended to emphase UKIP in having problems with its members/candidates, while downplaying such offences from those in other parties.

Howie said...

"that's what happens in FPP."

Which is why it's an appalling electoral system we're well shot of. You guys like it because you have an inherent disdain for the voters and want a system than delvers power to the established political parties. Unlike you, I trust the electorate.

Tinman said...

Isn't FPP a wonderful system?

Why oh why did bloody Bolger sentence NZ to the far inferior proportional representation abortion?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

How strange!!

Can't see any mention of this stupendous rout of socialists on the websites of either Stuff or Herald.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... as I said, get over it. FFP has its faults but so does every other system. On balance I prefer FPP. If the Brits want to change then sobeit. For myself I would urge them to think carefully before they do.

Fairfacts ... Yes, every Party has its share of loose cannons. Problem with the UKIP is that they have a whole Regiment of them.

Adolf ... the mnedia don't report routs suffered by the left. They prefer the Howie line. Blame the system rather than than the policies of failure.

Howie said...

"Adolf ... the mnedia don't report routs suffered by the left." Really?

Are you guys being retarded on purpose? I'm not blaming the system, it screwed the UKIP more than anyone. Doesn't make it right (see that's what's known as a principle - something foreign to the right).

Mainstream Mike said...

Well the best news is Cameron is already setting up great policies:
- 25% cuts to benefits!
- Down to 600 or even 500 MPs, electorates drawn up by Parliament, so no more Labour ever.
- and absolutely no stupid change away from FPP

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


There's nothing like the smell of rotting Labour corpses to brighten an otherwise dreary day.

Well done Howie.

I see UK Labour employed NZ Labour's best loser as an adviser. Might have had something to do with it.

Judge Holden said...
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The Veteran said...

Holden ... retard learner. Removed.

Howie ... that's the system. Whether it's right or wrong is a matter for debate. For me having the tail wag the dog does not make for good government. You are entitled to your view as I am to mine but don't try to claim the moral high ground because there are any number of examples where, in a proportional representation environment, coalition partners have been forced to compromise on their so called 'principles' in order to make things work.

Politics ain't pure. Never has been no matter which side of the political divide you favor.

Paulus said...

Why should the elected Tory Government with a good majority wish to change the Electoral system ?
Typical call of the losers.
Can't see it happening - they can learn from New Zealand that such a system is stupid.
The Queen of Europe Merkel and Hollande will be unhappy at the result

Howie said...

36% isn't a majority, Paulus you slavering idiot. FPP produces outcomes at odds with the will of the voters. You can argue all you like that that's a good thing (and if you're an establishment worshiping toadie you might actually think that it is), but democracy it ain't. In this instance you loopies on the far right got fucked over, and that's really funny, but still wrong.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... stop bleating. You're coming across as a sore loser. Get over it.
Fact ... no Brit Govt since the end of WW2 has gained a majority of the votes.

The Conservatives came close in 1955 with 49.7% but in since 1980 no-one has come anywhere near that. Even the Blair Labour Govt at the height of its popularity only managed 43.3% while the last Labour Govt scored less than the Conservatives managed yesterday with 35.2% and 355 seats vs the Conservatives at 32.4% and 198 seats with with the Labour/LibDem gerrymander well in play.

The Tories accepted their loss then and I don't hear Labour Labour arguing the toss today either.

Just you from lofty heights but don't insult me by arguing principles. You remind me of Groucho Marx when he said 'I have principles and if you don't like them I have others'.

James Stephenson said...

FPP is really only a viable in a two party environment. I'm picking that two elections time will be STV, like the paddies.

Mainstream Mike said...

Tories + UKIP this election is basically 50%. Cameron will deliver on UKIP promises: a referendum that will get the UK out of Europe, an end to welfare and the NHS, an end to immigration.

What England voted for - to the distain of commies like Howie.

The Veteran said...

Mainstream Mike ... don't see anything in either the UKIP or Conservative Party manifestos that could be construed as promising an 'end' to welfare and the NHS ... please authenticate.

Referendum yes and, if carried, it would mean an end to unrestricted access for citizens of other EU countries to the UK and vice versa.

Psycho Milt said...

An electoral system that delivers a parliamentary majority to a party with 36% of the vote is by definition an undemocratic system, regardless of which flavour of undemocratic result it delivers.

Howie said...

"don't insult me by arguing principles."

Why do you consider that arguing from principles is an insult? Because you have none?

"Fact ... no Brit Govt since the end of WW2 has gained a majority of the votes."

So what? That's the point and the fundamental flaw with FPP. The system really screwed the right this time round though. That must annoy Sinner/Andrew Berwick/Mainstream Mike.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... and the fundamental flaw with MMP is that it allows the tail to wag the dog and encourages 'dirty' deals.

Some principles!!! some democracy!!!

I repeat, neither FPP or MMP is perfect. Clearly I prefer FPP but it's hardly our place to pontificate to the Brits.

Nuff said. Interesting thread ... well done the Conservatives.

No more comments pse.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Forgive me Vt but I see David Farrar has just posted an analysis showing Labour and its mates would have been worse off under MMP.

Bad luck Howie. Another loser.