Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chalk and Cheese!

A very early lesson in the uniqueness of the individual came to me with the variance in how a litter of pups from a single mating turn out.

Occasionally  a mating  that was more successful,  when repeated created many top performing progeny with almost all those resulting turning into very useful working dogs, however such good fortune was rare.

During an earlier period of my life I was involved in Real Estate and one assignment brought me face to face with the human manifestation of the absolute variables in breeding outcomes.

A good bastard I had come to know as a thorough gentleman, personally and professionally, was revealed to have a 'black sheep' brother when the scurrilous and serially bad bastard sibling came into my orbit after he gave a  security over his parents home in a provincial town to finance his nefarious activities apparently without their knowledge. As with his other trail of failed manipulations, inevitable failure ensued, the lender exercised their rights and sold the property to recoup.
The day of the sale arrived with Bad bastard nowhere in sight we conducted our contracted task and among those assembled were a number of slightly intimidating strangers wearing suits, dark glasses and it was apparent they had several spare handkerchiefs in an inside pocket of their jackets. You see the lenders were non other than Gene and Eugene Thomas who worked in "fringe lending" and that fact led to my fascination in the Barlow trials that followed their murders some time later.

The point I am attempting to convey is how two brothers apparently genetically very similar, given the same opportunity and upbringing can turn out so different, an outcome that sees some dogs euthanased while siblings become champions.
Cant do that with humans though, hence the troubles at present under suppression for an unidentified Cabinet Minister.

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Paranormal said...

Yes the diversity that genetics provides.

My brother is a good example - he's the black sheep in a family of black sheep. He ran off and became an accountant....