Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Better late Than never.

Barrie  regularly went on Golf trips with three regular golfing buddies, always with John Walker and his London Cousin Gordon, both non golfers, tagging along.
A trip to Terrace Downs was looming when Barrie's missus said not that weekend old man we are going to Tarquin's  65th birthday at The Chateau on the Park. Now Barrie was no great fan of Tarquin but in the interests of marital peace, reluctantly informed the others he wouldn't be able to make  it to The Rakia Gorge.
Imagine the surprise when on the Sunday morning, there on Number one tee,  was a grinning and obviously very happy Barrie. A chorus of questions had Barrie explaining how when they got home from Tarquin's bash, his missus, who had just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey that afternoon, had set out ropes, handcuffs and scarves on the matrimonial bed.
When she asked Barrie to tie her up and  do what ever he desired, he could not believe his good fortune.

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