Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Banks A Free Man again

Only this time it is official.

Last time a certain Justice Wyllie sitting as a judge alone convicted The Honorable John Banks largely on the testimony of the fatty German and his now estranged missus.

Amanda now the ex Mrs Banks who was with  John at a lunch at the Chrisco Mansion were not believed by the Idiot Justice who favoured the already convicted Kraut.

Following the convictions Amanda went digging and discovered the two US citizens who were also at the aforementioned repast and corroborated the Banks version that led to the CoA ordering a retrial.
That seemed a possibility until the very stained and tarnished Sgt Shultz lookalike  tried to add another luncheon to the diary but apparently that seemed a bit dodgy to the CoA who ordered and end to the sordid affair.

As the weekend games led to some life and death scenarios for the Super Rugby round robin teams, the Sanzar Referees panel have administered some smacks to the ears of errant officials with demotions and clear signals that their performance was substandard. It is an enduring failure that equally serious howlers as that delivered by Justice Wyllie will never be reviewed and some clear statements made that he was a disgrace to the system.

Notably missing in the credibility department,  it was a brave or a supreme idiot who favoured the Kraut with serious utu driving his testimony against Citizen Banks who should not have signed the dam statement but in the light of the very apparent fact it was a one off prosecution commenced by the equally flawed Litigious McCready and taken over by Crown Law the whole charade seemed more political than judicial at every turn.

Congratulations John Banks, glad it was not crippling as to costs as it would have been for so many other potential victims.


The Veteran said...

I'm really glad for him. This has cost JB dearly including his marriage and it would have been a travesty and waste of public monies to proceed to retrial when the Kraut criminal's evidence against against him was shown to be false.

Of course the looney tunes Left will cry foul ... tough. JB is a bit like John Key. They can't handle him and so they resort to over-the-top rhetoric as a substitute for reasoned comment. As ever, their comments don't count.

Paulus said...

I assume that Banks will get costs, but at what real cost to himself and former wife Amanda.
What will happen to Wylie who effectively called Banks and his wife "Liars" and preferred the testimony to the German Fat Slug and his wife.

I full expect the Banks's to preserve their dignity, but the media will not like that.

OlderChas said...

Please, please, please Mr Banks - stand for Mayor of Auckland!