Friday, May 8, 2015

Absolutely no surprises there.

A survey conducted under total anonymity of 102 MPs reveals all have suffered threats varying from mild harassment to death, stalking, harassment via mail and electronic data, and confrontational aggression manifesting in the use of weapons and explosives.

Why would anyone be surprised, just take a look at some of the blogsites that deal in matters political. The invective revealed will astound those who never indulge and some of it is disturbing to me.

Hardline attitudes regularly descend into unseemly language and some of it should be removed but authors have another life in most cases. Slater has made significant efforts to raise the standard of expressed opinion at Whaleoil, but many sites perpetrate some very disturbing opportunity for political debate although that term requires to be defined with a very wide ranging understanding.
Clearly Farrar was very busy yesterday as his general debate had not appeared by late PM so monitoring for David being a blogger sole is going to be very spasmodic.

To suggest the behaviour revealed is in any way acceptable and "part of the territory" is inane as threats that can easily descend into criminal activity is head in the sand stuff  as we now allow all the nutters to live amongst us as a  humane and socially desirable policy but it raises risks exponentially.
Hell, watch video of some protest marches where the behaviour of leaders and the accompanying signage and effigies is more than just disturbing. Some of it is downright incitement.

To dismiss the revelations from that survey is making a bad scene worse, we ignore it at our peril.

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