Monday, April 20, 2015

You're Kidding Me?

During the state TV infotainment hour, an Item on over the counter drugs to combat erectile dysfunction, a spokesman  for medical professionals was concerned that some might bypass their GP at around 40/50 smakeroos to get assistance in the tackle efficiency department from their friendly pharmacist.

Since last October the drug silvasta has been available after  a sitdown 20 minute consultation with the Pharmacist. Repeats only need five minutes.

His closing statement just blew me away,
"some men might use this drug to enhance their performance".

No shit Sherlock, after years of Viagara @ $30 a pill then Ciallis stirred the viagra drug dealers to put a new name on it and reduced the cost of "avigra"  now silvasta over the counter, who would have ever  have er thought some might want to perform better?

You mean all those adverts with panic stricken greying men with a blonde bombshell in their arms needing an insurance policy,  I thought it was the next news segment, waddya mean an advert.

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