Friday, April 10, 2015

Why The Regret.

While some are expressing regret at the suggested demise of  TV3's Campbell Live, what exactly is going to disappear.

Sky News Australia runs several current affairs hour long shows daily that traverse the political spectrum hosted by journalists and political figures, the journalists clearly light years above the pathetic nightmare inducing partisan hacks we are forced to endure and  political contributors giving insights into the real world of current affairs.

NZ TV audiences have not been exposed to any serious analytical review of our dedicated distributors of extorted funds for many years, hence  Clark,  Key, and the metropolitan Mayors have a protected space to indulge their personal agenda under a blanket of security provided by an incompetent and pathetic bunch who have assumed the mantle of Journalist in the dearth of ability we accept .

Sky's Australian stable includes Paul Murray, Peter van Onselen,  Helen Dalley,  Janine Perrot,  Graeme Richardson,  Alan Jones, Chris Kenney, David Speers any one of whom would make our pathetic collective who struggle to hold viewers for 30 minutes, look inane.
Then they manage to assemble another bunch of "panellists" from Nicholas Reese, Miranda Devine, Michael Kroger,  Sharri Markson and many others.
Meanwhile we get the views of very ordinary teachers, lecturers and wannabe failures from recent times who exemplify the maxim "if you cant do it then teach", whinging unionists and a ragtag bunch of agenda driven social science students wanting to save a snail or pimp another poor bugger whose main contributor to a perceived state of want (not need) is a hopeless miss-understanding of basic survival skills.

If  Seven Sharp, Campbell live, Sunday, The Nation and all the other pathetic offerings were replaced with reruns of The Simpsons would it be noticed, really.

Anthony Flannery of TVNZ said this:

"With TVNZ's 'inspiring New Zealanders on every screen' strategy of getting news, information and entertainment on to many screens, a group of news and current affairs managers have been looking at news and current affairs operations around the world for the past 12 months,"

Well that will surely work, what could possibly go wrong? In fact 'Flannelling', where exactly did you look again.

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