Tuesday, April 21, 2015

While John Key has sent troops you and all NZ shoppers are funding ISIS

Spanish Bride at Whaloil has posted another revelation on how shoppers are funding the very terrorists the Government has decided to assist the state of Iraq to fight.

It started here in NZ with the introduction of Islamist approved slaughtering of meat destined for export to Iran.
Then as meat that is not slaughtered according to Moslem tradition can cause Halal meat to be made unworthy, all slaughter houses converted their facilities.
This was quite costly and guess who paid, yep the already debt  burdened NZ Cockies.
All the slaughter activity at the start of every "chain" had to be realigned so as to have things line up with Mecca wherever it was dictated that would be.
All animals to comply had to be dispatched by a registered Moslem Slaughterman who slashed the animals throat then the animal had to be allowed to pump its blood from the carotid arteries in a vain attempt to keep the brain alive. To be any where close to humane any real man will slash the condemned animals throat and at the same time break its neck thus causing sufficient trauma so as to render the dying animal brain dead in a second.
Hell no said the enlightened followers of the desert religion the poor bloody animal was to remain conscious so as to make the bleed out more efficient and complete. A compromise was reached in that sheep and goats were to be stunned with electrodes to the head before Allah's tool did his slash and pray bit.

That was nearly 40 years ago but now any food product that might want to be exported to a Moslem Country and or sold to a practising follower of Islam must be "certified Halal" necessitating an annual fee paid to a duly approved agent who then authorises the stamping of that product with an Arabic emblem.
Where does all that money extorted from food producers go, well much of it goes direct to funding the freakin murderous bastards who were reported yesterday to have slaughtered two more groups of Christians in Libya. You want to know something else They do not do anything to make those poor bastards departure from this life conform in any way with Christian beliefs they just shoot them or hack their heads of any way they can, kneeling, shackled and helpless.

Just think for a moment how depraved the bastards might appear if they were not followers of a peaceful religious dogma born in the deserts of Arabia 1400 years ago and virtually unchanged ever since. Then if you have time give a few moments consideration as to how you might feel funding a terrorist bunch Our government has sent soldiers to combat.

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