Thursday, April 2, 2015


Cut to the TV1 News at 6 and there was the breathless account of how trespassers on Defence land at the Kaipara Bombing north of Auckland were putting themselves at risk of serious injury.    Evidence a photograph of some idiot holding up a practice bomb.

 No matter that practice bombs contain phosphorous to enable you to observe the strike.   Anyone who has seen what phosphorus can do will roll their eyes in disbelief.

And to add weight to the story they referred to a supposedly 'high ranking whistle blower' at NZDF who confirmed this could actually be the case.

Give me strength.   Anyone who chooses to ignore the signs that they trespass on Defence land at their peril deserves what they get.   Be it the Kaipara Bombing Range or if they choose to deviate off the Desert Road or wherever else ... bad things can happen.  

Cut to the idiot spokesman from the Auckland 4WD Club who argued that as they did it regularly and that to date no-one had been killed then it was somehow OK.

Fence the Kairpara Range in at a couple of million bucks; fence the Waiouru Training Area in at at several hundred million bucks and there will still be those who will see it as their god given right to break the rules.

Give me a break; give the taxpayer a break.   Stupidity gets what what stupidity deserves.    Tough.   And of course there's always ACC (read the taxpayer) to pick up the pieces ... sigh.



Noel said...

Who cares what they do on the range. The have to cross the dunes to get to it and are wrecking all the work that went in to stabilise them.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... well I certainly don't but the shock horror nature of the story along with the breathless reference to a highly placed NZDF Whistle-blower does TV1 no credit at all.