Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Times They Are A Changin.

A couple of senior citizens decided there were some quality budget entertainment options in the Capital City so using the 'gold' card they went to the Wellington High Court an sat in on the drama that was The Lundy Trial. Now it has got to trump any soaps or 'reality' offerings currently on offer.

So  what could go wrong,  well if you are under sixty or so you possibly wonder where I am going.

You see in the olden days say the 1950s, any woman of almost any circumstance would don gloves Hat and handbag to go anywhere with a whiff of formality, hell just to go up town to get meat veg and some other essentials, you just don't know who might be encountered. Hell one dear old girl I knew would not leave her house without  one pound (money), a clean Handkerchief and clean knickers, "you just never know dear you could end up in Hospital and you wouldn't want dirty knickers would you".

So of absolutely no surprise one of the dear ladies should put on a hat to attend The Court, no question.

However,  now,  that is not allowed and I have no freakin idea why she was asked by a gauleiter  to remove her head covering.
Of course she was not of the religion of peace was she, I have a lazy ten says such a request would not be applied to a lady in a hajib or a headscarf just the bloody hat. After all it could conceal enough semtex to take out the whole courtroom eh.

As I said Bob Dylan had it sussed.


Noel said...

The circumference of the head is always less than the torso. That's why bombers use vests instead of headscarves.

gravedodger said...

In little words noel, semtex in hat sar cas tic typed really s l o w l y.
Jesus cried