Friday, April 17, 2015

The Jewel in the Crown

If you go to a Greenpeace function anytime soon, don't expect curry to be on the menu.

India, that jewel in the crown of Queen Victoria's empire, has told the PC alarmist wankers of the world to fuck off and mind their own business.

The Indians know that all the expensive green energy boondoggles in the world won't lift their people out of poverty.  They need cheap bulk energy and that means coal and nuclear power.

The Indian government has said it needs to emit more to industrialize and lift millions out of poverty.

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NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government aims to double Indian coal production to 1.5 billion tons by 2020. India needs more fuel to meet rapidly growing demand for electricity.

And in another blow to the green eco=terrorists I see the Indian authorities have closed down all Greenpeace bank acounts.

A dossier prepared by the Union Home Ministry on March 4 claimed that Greenpeace’s foreign contribution was used “to influence and lobby” for the formation of government policies.

It claimed that the “foreign funded campaign and protest creation by Greenpeace India led to wastage of financial resources, prevented creation of productive capital and caused loss of jobs and incomes for locals, apart from depriving the country of energy”.
The dossier, prepared after investigations for six months beginning last September, said the non-operationalisation of Mahan coal block was due to the “protest-creation” of Greenpeace in Singrauli and eight other locations.
Another result of Greenpeace protest was “slowing down Government of India’s energy policy implementation by physically preventing the commission of new nuclear and coal based energy projects” and “creating hurdles in the path of existing coal based plants”.

It must be true.  It's in The Guardian.

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