Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Bali Two

For weeks now, the Australian media have given wall to wall coverage to the impending execution of two mass murderers – carried out this morning..   

Yes. that’s what people who import heroin into Australia are but that doesn’t stop the media and its associated Wankerati from deifying these two drug runners who got caught.

The most ridiculous was Monday’s Pickerng Post in which some fool claimed they would be painfully shot.  (From my limited knowledge of ballistics and anatomy, I suspect that when one is hit in the heart simultaneously with three 7.62 bullets there is not much pain.  Just a huge shock which instantly turns off the senses and by the time the shock wears off and you might feel pain, you’re dead.)  The normally reliable Australian referred to them as ‘drug mules’ when in fact they were the king-pins of the gang.  They ran the operation.  Drug mules are mere foot soldiers and Indonesia did not execute them.  They were jailed..

During recent weeks I have spoken to many ordinary Australians and ALL OF THEM wonder why these two were not shot years ago.  I share their view.

However, about now these two will be facing their final judgement, that of God.  The Bible is full of examples of real bad bastards who were forgiven by God and were rehabilitated.  People like the murderers Moses and King David and the apostle Paul, who earlier in his life would have fitted in quite well in the upper echelons of ISIL. Of course, therein lies the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam.  Christians have an endless ability to forgive while Islam has an endless ability to kill and maim.

It is worth noting in this case the media and the chattering class are completely out of touch with ordinary Australians.  Just as they are out of touch on the matter of Tony Abbot’s prime ministership and the illiterate Bill Shorten’s leadership ability.  While the media beats up on Abbott and goes easy on Shorten, the polls have Abbott improving and Shorten sinking.

Of course, the same goes in NZ where, according to the experts, John Key is a goner and Andrew Little is Labour’s messiah.   Funny how the polls steadfastly refuse to do what the Wankerati want. (See this morning's poll at Kiwiblog)


gravedodger said...

Well said Sir That is the real news that Sky News and other media are pawing over along with endless analysing and reviewing.
I do understand that the Death Penalty does not act as a deterrent but it is monumentally effective as regards recidivism.

Will the chatterati masquerading as Media now refer to the "Bali Seven" and their two ringleaders as the "Martyred Two"?

Does it really matter if they fall through a trapdoor, die on a gurney from poisoning, get electrocuted, have their head removed or get shot they are still deceased as we speak.
An artist and a pastor my arse you said it in spades, they were greed motivated mass murderers and I am not going to mourn them for a single minute.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Spare a thought for those poor unrequited bastards in the Wankerati.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports as follows:

"online travel agency Webjet said demand from Australians for flights to Bali had risen by 42 per cent over the last four weeks compared with the same period a year earlier. "

That's another 'kerthump' as Coyote smashes into the canyon floor.

Paulus said...

Am awaiting the date for the State Funeral of these two martyrs.

scotty said...

an equally strong deterent would have been advising the kids that they were about to embark on a trip under full surveillance as would any further trips they planned.. given the only reason the afp had the info was via a concerned parent! Hope you.don't ever have to deal with a family member that goes off the rails..