Thursday, April 23, 2015


as you attend the 100th anniversary commemoration of the landings at ANZAC Cove and reflect on the sacrifice of the 36,000 Australians and New Zealanders killed or wounded in that campaign doing their duty.    I wonder if it bothers you to think back on the speeches made in Parliament in response to the announcement that we were deploying 146 service personnel to help train Iraqi forces in their fight against Islamic terrorism.

Perhaps I can refresh your memory Andrew, you can read your speech here    Metiria, you can look here to see what your co-leader had to say.

I have no difficulty in accepting your opposition to the deployment.   That is your right and indeed, with the Greens, it is to be expected given their opposition to the use of military force anywhere, anytime and especially if the US is involved.

But unlike NZ First, the Maori Party and United Future, all of whom opposed the deployment, you failed to acknowledge in any way shape or form the troops being deployed; to wish them well and hope for their safe return.

Crass, insensitive, insulting, unworthy.  Call it what you will.   Not the action of a Parliamentary leader. So excuse me if I puke when I see you poncing round at Gallipoli.    I will know you are there to be seen and that's all.    Your hypocrisy in pretending to honor those who serve and have served cuts no ice with me, no ice at all.


PC said...

Your last paragraph nails it. "Principles" evaporate for a photo op or junket.

The Veteran said...

'Principles' .... Groucho Marx is reported as saying "These are my principles ... and if you don't like them well, I have others".

Not sure that Little or Turei would understand that.

niner said...

Well said. If they really were committed to "their" principles they would have made a major public statement stating that they would not accept publicly funded travel to as you say to bathe in the reflected glory of their fellow countrymen.

What do they actually stand for? And they better not give me that environmental claptrap and why washy liberal socials. Despicable!