Thursday, April 30, 2015

So Audrey how embarrassed were you then?

Audrey Young is claiming she has never been so embarrassed, ROTFLMAO.

Four years ago a young man being lauded as a future Prime Minister attended a function in central Wellington that began at a labour luvvies soiree then progressed through a couple of bars where NZLP Whip,   Darren Hughes plied a young male student with alcohol before taking him back to his Haitaitai lodgings situated in the home of fellow MP and ex Cabinet minister Annette King.

What followed in those lodgings has never been disclosed but the young man was later seen running stark naked covering his privates with his hands on the street away from King's Wellington house.
The distraught student then found shelter in a police car and made a sexual complaint against Hughes that later was not continued due to a police decision based on lack of evidence.

NZLP leader and Opposition leader Phil Goff originally declined to accept an offered resignation from Hughes largely on the basis of denial of due process then after two weeks of stonewalling Hughes resigned and headed for New York where the person who it was said, saw him as "the son she never had" made space suitably distant from Wellington for him.

I guess Audrey, on a scale of one to ten where Key's clumsy pigtail pulling  is the most embarrassing incident by a PM  for you, how embarrassing were the sordid events of that Wellington night, the silence of the Landlady , and the stonewalling of wannabe PM  Goff remembering we were considering the very senior positions all players except the hapless student,  held,  with Hughes the Labour party opposition Whip.

Then again maybe your Faux outrage was just pandering to the pack mentality in the MSM desire to get John Key.

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Psycho Milt said...

Maybe she wasn't embarrassed about that incident because:

1. She, like you and almost everyone else, doesn't actually know what happened.

2. It didn't involve the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

3. It wasn't accompanied by video footage guaranteed to make the PM an international laughing stock.

4. The bloke involved accepted his position was untenable and resigned.