Thursday, April 9, 2015

SANZAR Hiding Something?

Gregor Paul in the Herald discloses a badly kept secret.

Latest Wallaby Coach and in his last year as head coach of the NSW Warratahs, Michael Cheika,  apparently broke the rules and went to the Referees rooms at the interval of the Auckland Blues Vs Warratahs game and had words with that game referee Jaco Peyper who had dished out a lopsided penalty count against his team in the first half, Warratahs 8 Blues 1

The second stanza saw a total reversal with the Blues hit with 9 and only one more for the Tahs.

Now  any team including Warratahs number seven Michael Hooper, can easily rack up such a count as he, like McCaw lives on the edge of legal and it may well be that Cheika was suitably unimpressed but rules are rules and the one forbidding such lobbying during a match have a basis in fairness.
How often do we see Football Managers in high stakes roundball games remonstrating with officials and it always seems appalling sometimes seeing such boors red carded.

Now what happened happened and although the Blues have reason to be chagrined, the silence over the matter from SANZAR is much more disquieting.
When players are involved with the judiciary for any grade of offending, privacy is of no matter and the process is publicised with diligence.

Here we have an alleged flouting of a rule by a head coach and the silence is resounding.

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pdm said...

This has been given a bit of air time this morning which is the first I heard of it. Maybe he (Cheika)should receive the equivalent of a yellow card and be made to sit in the stand with the plebs for the next game. A second offence gets him red carded for one game and not allowed in the stadium.

I have noticed a trend over the last 10 years or so of referees being incapable of refereeing both teams evenly. One side gets hammered in the first half and then it is evened up in the second half. Bryce Lawrence was very much in this mode.

I don't think there is any bias with these referees - just incompetence.