Friday, April 10, 2015

RIP Richie Benaud

It is reported Australian cricket commentator, captain and genuine legend Richie Benaud has died in a Sydney hospice.

Australia has lost a true statesman of sport.

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gravedodger said...

Many of the words in my inner being seem somehow inadequate.
Difficult to imagine hearing the tripe that issues from current legends in their own mind such as threatening to break Jimmy Andersons arm ever emanating from Richie's mouth

Thanks for so much Richard Benaud, you so often fed my insatiable love of cricket.

One anecdote that for me sums up the man, came at tea at Brisbane's Gabba December 1960 with Australia needing 124 to win, all rounders Benaud and Alan Davidson batting with Wally Grout wicket keeper Ian Meckiff and Lindsay Kline to follow.
Benaud informed Sir Donald Bradman chairman of selectors that in following his never give in, assertive captaincy, he would push for the win. They nearly succeeded, three wickets in the final over, with Lindsay Kline run out on Wes Hall's penultimate ball of the then eight ball over, the test was tied.
The first in almost 500 official tests over 84 years.