Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pants Down's Claytons Rate Rises.

Having campaigned on holding rate rises to 2.5%  a year, the scurrilous, adulterous, lying Mayor of Auckland Super City has come up with a very cunning plan.

Not content to only hold rate rises in his heartland power base of South Auckland while gouging the North Shore the little obnoxious  prick has hit on a levy in addition to rates for the ensnared financial contributors to his megalomania, of an additional 2.5%.

The isolated and now almost abandoned politically, charade,  intent on bequeathing his already seriously threatened ratepayers  an unwanted and totally inappropriate commuter rail network, thinks he can now have a claytons rate rise in the form of a levy and nobody will notice.
Now had he made it a levy on all resident citizens it might just have been saleable but unlikely as Margaret Thatcher's poll-tax was to the great unwashed.

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