Friday, April 10, 2015

Observations on Campbell Live, in ER.

If Mr Campbell is such a balanced and skilled interviewer why is it exclusively the obsession of the socialists and their fellow travellers contemplating his demise, perhaps he really is their propaganda instrument and that explains their squealing like stuck pigs

If the Campbell live show is the victim of a revenge killing instigated by the Nasty National party why have they not gone after the much higher rating TVNZ where the funding stream is so much closer to their potential manipulation and so much of the shallow biased atmosphere must rankle equally.

If the government is attempting to silence its critics why not go after red radio aka Radio NZ National.

Is it possible that to have a tirade five nights a week highlighting starving obese kids, endless pimping of the poor when a bit of scrutiny soon exposes the scams, the endless trumpeting of the Foreign fatty in his warped crusade against The government, and as the whipped cream on his version of investigative exposure, the totally cringeworthy interview of the Mayor caught with his pants down after Whaleoil so comprehensively demolished the family man, Christian, pillar of the community, soon after his re-election as Mayor of our largest city.

With around half the adult population supporting the present administration perhaps it is pushing sewage uphill with a rake to continue his endless negativity and expect any ratings traction.

My only astonishment is the fact it has taken so long for reality to dawn on the governance and management of a business so exposed to the scrutiny of viewers that his brand is only getting the ratings from the time of day and what precedes and follows his long passed its use by date  program.

One enlightened soul was so involved in the drama that they included "Police 10/7" as a TV3 production, hells bells I am a very casual viewer and I knew it was a flagship program for TVNZ's TV2.

One small bit of what might assist Campbell live, came through some of the more sane comments on The Standard and Martyn Martins failing blogs was the simple advice for everyone to watch it, and therein lies the nub of Helen Clark's Little Creep and his ratings desert, maybe even the lefty shills are heartily sick of his incessant negativity and excusing the stupid in their poor choices.

Oh and just when I thought Todd Barclay had drawn a line in the sand over the unfolding matter with his tweet, the gutless bugger succumbed to pressure and took it down. For Gawds sake man did you learn nothing from the Northland debacle.
For all that matters Mr Young Man and MP for Clutha Southland,  stand up for what you believe and don't let the bastards put your testicles in a jar of formalin.

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Jimmy said...

Poor wee Todd. It seems that being the PR lobbyist for a company that kills people via its product wasn't that good a preparation for political life after all. The rest of your rant was incomprehensible. What was your point?