Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Now Why Is That?

To vaccinate or not has been largely a choice for parents but things are changing.

Small pox used to kill children, as did whooping cough, measles, diphtheria.
In the year following the first world war soldiers departing Europe effectively carried a nasty flu virus throuout the world resulting in as many deaths as had died in battle.

Now influenza can still kill but usually only amongst those whose immune system is vulnerable and Flu vaccines only  aid the recipients immunity and give protection against the last mutation of the virus.
With Smallpox almost totally eliminated due to the very bold actions of a Dr Jenner who created a defensive vaccine using the very close related and widespresd cowpox after noting milk maids who were in contact with the bovine carried cowpox seemed to have immunity from the far more deadly  and for some serious disfigurement of survivors,  smallpox. Jenners discovery has led to the world being declared free from smallpox in 1980.

Whooping cough, diphtheria and measles vaccines are on offer to children in most developed countries as a triple vaccine but some strange people for reasons of irrational fears decline such treatment and their children are able to enjoy a low risk due to the Herd protection running in the mid eighty percent.
Of course those hippies and educated numpties do get their children protection from another killer disease that is soil born and not contracted from child to child contact as is the case with the triple targets.
Tetanus, all the objections to vaccine disappear real quick when little Tracy and Tarquin get a wound that could easily induce "lockjaw".

Tony Abbott last week caused  contretemps by announcing that any child that remained unvaccinated would be denied benefits. Nice one Tony let the freeloaders and bludgers enjoy their "freedom to refuse vaccination and let them find alternative funding streams to finance their lovely self centered selfish choices.

For me who is the co-owner of three little rugrats that we keep vaccinated for Parvo Virus and Kennel Cough without any state subsidy so they can enjoy access to public dog exercise areas, kennels and gatherings where production of current certificate of vaccination is a requirement to be produced on demand, sees it to be entirely fair and reasonable that such a requirement should apply to any gathering of vulnerable children including preschool, kindergarten, camps and schools.

Be grateful you aren't required to carry a current annual registration tag and have your little darling microchipped along with the current vaccination certificates.

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