Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Now stop wasting our money you Heartless Bastard.


Man up and face the fact you killed your missus for money, because she became an obstacle to your new life and dead was money in the bank.
When your little girl came to see what the terrible noise was, you turned on her and ended her life as well.
Just because she, along with you knew, what you did. The only two people who knew so you killed your daughter and now only you can tell us what Christine said as you launched that ferocious attack, to try and stop you.

You are an un-remorseful cowardly useless piece of shit just take your status as one of the worst and do something decent with what remains of your opportunity to consume oxygen and be thankful that facing the gallows is not your fate.
You seriously test my opposition to Hanging by the neck until dead.

Stop the farcical waste of money and maybe try and do something to make a moral reparation.

But then you didn't do it did you,  those now there are 24 jurors who got it wrong.

I have an indelible image seared into my memory of your over the top theatricals as Christine was placed in the hearse and I have been told by someone I trust in the Police observing that incident, evidently your grief came to a sudden end when you thought you were out of the view of the public.

Maybe you could write a book and donate the proceeds to the anti family violence campaign it might be cathartic


The Veteran said...

Twelve persons, good and true, arrived at the verdict after hearing all of the evidence. I didn't hear all of the evidence, only the bits the media thought were newsworthy, so I have no opinion on whether he was guilty or not. Be that as it may, I respect the verdict. That's what the jury system is all about.

The thing that gets me is that as this was a retrial theoretically all the avenues of appeal are open to Lundy.

Enough is enough. I would hope the Legal Aid Board would look at any application for further assistance with a very critical eye.

Kelvin said...

Didn't Bain have two guilty verdicts before the Privy Council decision?

The Veteran said...

Kelvin ... yes, and again, I never heard all of the evidence in the Bain case so I don't have a view on it. But this is a little different ... the Privy Council ordered a new trial on a technicality; new trail, same result.

When is enough, enough? I guess Lundy might argue when all avenues have been exhausted. For myself I think it's time for the LAB to call an end to the matter.

Nookin said...

"Didn't Bain have two guilty verdicts before the Privy Council decision?"