Thursday, April 9, 2015


Monday was a slow news day ... evidence is their uncritical running of a PR by some light-weight Maori academic and so called Iwi leader looking to make a name for himself by calling on Maori to boycott this years ANZAC Day commemorations in order to show solidarity with the Armenian peoples who were slaughtered by the Turkish government in an attempt to expel them from the Ottoman Empire.    You can read Rankin's PR here

The actions of the Turkish Government against the Armenian people are a matter of historical record as are the actions of Ngapuhi (Rankin's tribe) in the Musket Wars.  

But ANZAC Day is nothing to do with that.    We meet not to glorify war or argue the toss as to who won or lost but simply to remember the sacrifice of all those who have served our two nations in the armed forces and acknowledge that the ANZAC landings were the catalyst to us starting to think of ourselves as Australians and New Zealanders rather than outposts of 'mother' England.

Rankin does himself no favors by attempting to hijack ANZAC Day to make a political point.   Even more bizarre is his call for Maori not to support the wearing of the poppy.    By doing that he is helping to deprive Maori ex-service people of the support they receive from RSA Welfare Funds.

Rankin has lost the plot ... assuming he ever had it to lose.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I'm usually with Mr Rankin but not on this one.

Noel said...

Reminded me of all those past duties resting on arms reversed listening to speeches that had no hope of educating a younger generation what the day was really about. On the odd occasion had to resist grounding arms and snatching the microphone.