Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Je suis John Key.

David Cunliffe's Marriage to Karen Price dissolves amid suggestions that the great helmsman might be doing some  homework with a particularly bubbly  political reporter with an impeccable pedigree.

Helen Clark marries a professor and it is later revealed it was an arranged marriage to satisfy the troughmaster general' considered opinion that to reach the exhaulted office of PM she should be "Married", it was suggested later that the blushing bride was in fact in tears.
That it later degenerated somewhat with a hurried exit from LA of "hubby" with rumours of high level diplomatic intervention was never 'news'.

David Lange's marriage is a shambolic charade when David gets more than a little too friendly with his senior speech writer Margaret Pope who was later described as the Fourth Labour Government's very own Yoko Ono a reference to the woman credited with the breakup of the Beetles.

David Parker becomes a jiggilo when he usurps stroke victim and Labour stalwart  Chris Knox's woman.

Lecherous Len "pantsdown" Brown has an adulterous affair with a person holding a position with the Mayor's  council and the sordid affair is revealed after a second term victory with major emphasis on his loving family life among his powerbase voters of Manakau.

John Key tugs a coffee waitresses pigtail in a cafe he frequents and later apologises adding a couple of bottles of wine when he is made aware he has been causing some apparent degree of upset to the young lady.

Three Prime Ministers and two wannabe also rans and the Mayor of our largest city all involved in what many might think are lapses in judgement.
Five from team red and one from team blue but one of these Six is a standout, for a very simple reason.

Here is one clue.

Five of them only became common knowledge after they happened the sixth also became revealed some time later but for what may turn out to be different circumstances.
You may be  still guessing what was the profound difference to the treatment the standout one received.

Here it is, does any one recall any of the team red incidents being the lead item on TVOne six pm infotainment hour.

At present John Key is enroute for Gallipoli centenary events on the peninsula that many accept is where our nationhood and that of our Aussie cousins was forged and the ANZAC legend was born.
Today on his tatty  raving socialist blog, Two votes Martyn Martin Bradbury launches the big reveal about the Key incident based on the evidence of the still anonymous young woman.
The incident  happened some weeks ago and the luvvies who spend their days looking in vain for the big shootout that will leave Mr Key bleeding out from wounds, were on fire.
All laid out as the lead off for the state TVs flagship news effort.

Yes Key was imprudent and it is yet to be revealed as to what motivated the "Victim" who apparently accepted an  apology, and presumably has disposed of the wine, but the timing and the whole methodology of the expose leave me thinking there could well be some remarkable similarities to the Honey trap that sank the SS Richard Worth when his indiscretion partner was found to be very close politically and socially to one Philip Goff.

One Of Keys endearing traits that have seen him hold remarkable polling strength is his affable, approachable normal bloke persona that has him continually being confronted with the "selfie" epidemic, so news that someone has taken offense after some nine years at the helm of National "is the end of the dream", gimme a break please.

FFS it was in broad daylight, in public, in the company of wife Bronagh, at a café regularly attended when some normality is being sought, but that wont save him, he is a rapist, a liar, a sloth and he is proven to be totally unfit to be our Prime minister, hanging will be too kind.

This ending of the Key administration is right up there with Tony Abbott downing a 'schooner' of Victorian Bitter.

Psst luvvies your slip is showing.


Howie said...

You are John Key? What, you repeatedly pull the hair of helpless, scared waitresses too? How classy.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The PM should have read some signals from a hypersensitive youngster. Put into context, as you've done Gravedodger, his moral failing pales into insignificance.

Anonymous said...

Hypersensitive youngster, I get it now, it's the waitresses fault. She's just too sensitive.

Psycho Milt said...

What's the world coming to when high-flying corporate suits can't bully service staff with impunity, eh?

Btw: did you consider any actually-relevant examples of bad behaviour by Labour MPs for your post, or could you just not find any?

Psycho Milt said...

Also, this:

That it later degenerated somewhat with a hurried exit from LA of "hubby" with rumours of high level diplomatic intervention was never 'news'.

Fuck I hate this Dad4justice shit. Put up or I assume you're at D4J's level of commentary.

gravedodger said...

Perhaps Milt while you subscribe to the V8 on methyl alcohol response by the Media, triggered while Key is away on reasonably authentic state business by an erstwhile blogger with an unhealthy passion to denigrate the PM at every turn, about events of somewhat historical timing, my equally hyperbolic opinion is somehow less valid.

I deliberately avoided the rather tawdry evens in Haitaitai with a naked young man running into the arms of the police and also did not mention the fitness for high public office of the MP for Palmerston North who may not be squeaky clean in the eyes of some of the more prurient amongst us.

Perhaps the debate could be developed if someone with knowledge about what motivated the "Victim of Bullying" to:

Say nothing to her employer, then or since.

Not report her disquiet to her immediate superior or was she at 26 in fact in charge and took it upon herself to serve the Key table at every opportunity.

Accept the two bottles of wine offered as part of an accepted apology, then later abdicate any implied settlement of the matter.

Seek redress in some other way than to run off to Bradbury of all people, sheesh even St John of Campbell, it is not as if he doesn't need such an opportunity.

How long ago exactly, did Amanda Bailey make her feelings known to Bradbury.

In the interests of avoiding any suggestions of a whiff of "dirty politics" of course.

Anonymous said...

This incident reveals that JK can be a dufus at times. So what? let's remember Dazza Hughes' behaviour towards a young man in a Ministerial house.Did the msm froth over that? I suggest that this young waitress may well have cause to be narked by JK but to whine to Bradbury rather than dealing with her offence in private invites all forms of suspicion.


Frank Davis said...

FFS this is news? Front page an all??

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's like another episode of Road Runner.

You can hear the 'thud' as Bradbury splatters himself all over the canyon floor while the PM goes off, whistling cheerfully, round the world.

Psycho Milt said...

Interesting you should mention Dirty Politics. National has had Rachel Glucina pose as a PR consultant helping this woman's employers maintain confidentiality, then post all the resulting 'confidential' discussion on the Herald's front page. Sleaze without end from these guys.

Anonymous said...

"News of the Werald" Auckland Branch has revealed that the young innocent and rather silly bright 26 year old young thing is called Amanda Bailey, and she now says that she was conned by the media. It appears from her facebook that she is no sinking violet.
So what is new.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, thanks for resisting the temptation to simply write off this young woman as a bitch.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


There's no need to highlight the obvious.

Psycho Milt said...

Doesn't like some shithead pulling her hair all the time and pretending it's a joke, must be a bitch. It all started going downhill when they got stroppy about getting their arses pinched, right?

Anonymous said...

Well written and so true....