Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Just Not Working.

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When Dame Susan Elizabeth Anne Devoy was appointed the race relations commissioner I was seriously in favour of what I saw as the appointment of one who had been a dedicated and world leading sportswoman in her chosen sport for a decade and with her CV including travel, meeting many and varied people in some very cosmopolitan places, as a bold and innovative move.
Someone who could identify with ordinary New Zealand citizens and  bring a common sense approach  to an office that has indulged in the whimsy while ignoring some of the most outrageous racist contretemps seen in years.
She has been an abject failure, lurching from debacle to chaotic debacle and it would appear the fearless take no prisoners ex-world champion  has abdicated to the faceless minions who infest her office.

As if her recent inclusion of the religious sect Islam as a racial group when its adherents would be one of the widest encompassing bunch of disparate racial groups on the planet wasn't bad enough, todays foray into the hair brained suggestion from Young Labour to make Maori Language compulsory in NZ schools is not only a grossly insensitive move but it has all the hallmarks of being lunatic personified.

Dame Susan is totally unfit for purpose, Devoid of any skill and all at SEA!


Anonymous said...

failed to do the homework then. Poor track record in previous appointments in the Bay.

Paulus said...

I believe she is being manipulated by her staff.
She is being played with by her senior people, and has unwisely fallen for it.