Wednesday, April 15, 2015


At the news that Mike Sabin has been appointed to head Peppers Carrington Resort and oversee its development into the biggest five star resort in the country which, when finished, is expected to being tens of thousands of tourists into Northland and the Carrington Peninsula.

I mean how dare Sabin not wallow in self pity and shut himself away while he deals with the issues that caused him to resign from Parliament.    And how dare the Chinese owners invest an estimated $360 million of their own money in developing the property to include an additional 751 new rooms along with a shopping and entertainment centre.

The Veteran and Mrs Veteran have stayed at Carrington previously and clearly it's not for the average punter.   It's one of those places where if you need to check the prices you probably can't afford to go there.    It's one of those places where you can play the golf course and not see another person even on a busy day with the added advantage that half way round you can divert through the tunnel under the road and end up at the winery when, after a few 'bevvys' your score suddenly appears quite good.

Be that as it may this is a major boost for the Northland economy and is to be welcomed and no matter that Peters and Harawira will decry it as proof positive of an 'alien' invasion ... their views count for nought.   They would prefer that Maori remain trapped in inter-generational dependence, reliant on the State for sustenance and with their so called 'mana' intact through not having to work for a foreign owned company for a living.  

Funny that we don't hear that about Juken Nissho in Kaitaia though.    


Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This is substantially LESS than the $420mil the incoming Labor gummint in Victoria is paying to renege on a contract to build a much needed road network.

So the Kiwis get a massive capital injection with lots of jobs while hapless Victorians get a huge fucking bill and no roads.

An abject lesson as to why NZ is going forward while Australia is sinking under socialism.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... you may think you're f***ing smart with your comment but the reality is that you are thumbing your nose at the law and putting this blog at risk. You also demonstrate your disregard for the concept of natural justice but I guess that goes with the territory ... retard wanker.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Sabin's position as an MP becomes untenable - not even Slippery John's denial, memory loss and evasion can save him (bitch-slapping yer wife will do that Mike)so in good crony capitalist National Party fashion he is allowed to move on with minimal fuss, and as a reward, straight onto the pig's back.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You are demented.

The Veteran said...

Ghost ... you're coming close to being called out too. Events will take their course and the end of that process people will comment as they will.

Heaven forbid the possibility that some commentators end up with egg on their faces.

I guess your Mr Hughes has found new friends in the Big Apple .... teenagers that don't feel the need to run down the street naked in the small hours of the morning ... and if you want to throw the word cronyism around, who pray got him the UN job?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm afraid I misled readers yesterday.

The total cost to Victorian tax payers for their non-road is $640mil, not $420mil.

gravedodger said...

Too easy to make an error in that shambles Adolf.
It has revealed a tricky constitutional conundrum as imho Napthine was a bit previous to sign so close to the vote and Andrews did campaign clearly on scrapping it.
That said there are serious constitutional issues around national reputation et al and maybe Andrews suggestion to legislate to prevent such commitments being signed so close to a poll has merit.

A mill here, a mill there and soon it is real money but OPMs don't matter to pollies do they, and poor old Melbourne still needs the freakin road, then 7 billion 10 billion whatever, it will look cheap in a rear vision mirror.

Oh and in passing your original comment was a good summary.

Noel said...

Just had some relatives from Northland visiting.
Said did you know the charges levelled at Sabin?
I said according to some blogs there must be some sort of judicial gagging order so be careful what you say.
He said gee hardly anyone has got reliable broad band up there.
I reminded him that they had some wider bridges coming so stop complaining.
Yup be interesting was the outcome is/

The Veteran said...

Noel ... I can confirm that at the very least "hardly anyone" doesn't include K2 and Paihia.

I agree with the remainder.