Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to make A Dogs Breakfast Appetising.

Or not maybe?

While NZ mulls over our MMP inanity that has a list MP successfully seek an electorate seat then rearrange the basic proportionality of our parliament and that seems of no great moment.  Would I be cynical to suggest that as it reduces the legislative power of National it is inconsequential but should it clip the wings of a socialist regime clinging by it's fingertips it would require immediate redress or what

I digress, things in the West Isle whose currency is almost at parity with ours are even more parlous and unfathomable.

The Federal Senate has by virtue of a six year term for MPs, twice that of the House of representatives and only half the members having to renew their electoral plurality  at three yearly Federal General Elections,  being able to block completely any moves by a government to pass enabling legislation.
The Balance of power between the two majors, Liberal National coalition and the ALP need most of the cross bench senators who belong to a myriad of minor parties that make our bunch of tails wagging the dog look statesmanlike, to gain ascendancy.

At Present To pass a Bill Abbott needs 39 senate votes but only has 33 in his Coalition stable so with the ALP and the joined at the hip Greens holding 35 he needs 6 of the "cross bench votes" to get a bill passed.
Fine it may be, but that is negotiating with a bunch of monkeys with varying levels of intellectual competence.
At the washup of the 2013 federal elections the Federal Senate Cross Bench  was made up with;
three from the Palmer United Party under the patronage of Clive Palmer a sort of Bob Jones without the acumen, who won a lower house seat from Queensland and coat tailed into national prominence three thingys as senators.
From Queensland an ex Australian Rugby League Prop Glen Lazarus, from Tasmania a rather confused if somewhat passionate dark haired bimbo Jacqui Lambie and from West Australia a more perhaps rational Asian Australian Dio Wang. Of that disparate bunch only Wang is still linked to Clive Palmers wrecking ball as Lazarus and Lambie have abandoned ship and sit as independents. The other Five Cross Bench seats are held by one Democratic Labor that I assume is a carry over from the schism of Labor 60 odd years ago, Nick Xenophon who is a veritable fruitsalad politically, A Liberal Democrat from NSW who gained a seat as much from confusion as to what his party designation actually meant, A  Family First ex Liberal from SA and from Victoria coming from deep within the pack of losers before reallocation of preferences, starting with 17 000 votes or .50% representing the "motoring Enthusiasts Party" one Ricky Muir.

All apparently OK with things electoral but not so happy is the fat freak Clive who is now suing the two "Ls" "for breach of contract" as having gone to the nether world of "independence"  Clive has lost control and that does not sit well with Good Old Boy Clive. A very litigious bugger who would sue his supermarket for selling him one day out of best by date cat food.
Moving to independent is perfectly lawful but if Clive can generate enough legal crap over his breach of contract suit then it is conceivable he could bankrupt the two rebels and thereby deny them any legal right to continue to sit as senators.
Now it gets interesting or shambolic" , as the senate is the States handbrake on Federal Legislative power and the state premiers of Queensland and Tasmania will have the constitutional power to appoint replacements if Palmer can get Lazarus and Lambie the 'arse card' and although preceding actions over filling vacancies give a guide as to where those two State leaders might find replacements for Lambie and Lazarus, it is so murky as to be impossible to make an unequivocal prediction. History has such  activity littered with patronage, gerrymandering and sleaze not to mention trumping apparent voter wishes with the political machinations compelled by the political desires of the Premier.

With the Federal upper house falling victim to manipulation of the Transferable votes that see a simple petrol head among those who will act as watchdog and States guardian of the Federal Legislature it is of little moment who is trying to enact a program tested by lower house voters in the Senate, the Senate is little more than a total farce and the latest efforts of megalomaniac Palmer have merely continued a downward spiral to the excrement cart at the zoo.

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