Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hoi Simon, Alternative Pathway To A Surplus

Parliamentary Services needs new drones.
Obviously 121 is not enough

The is currently advertising for: 
  • An Organisational Development Manager to join the People and Culture Leadership team
  • A Senior Organisational Development Advisor
  • A Senior Learning and Development Advisor to build people and organisational capability
  • A Talent Manager for the People and Culture Leadership team
  • A People and Culture Services Manager.
So that would be one boss, one manager, one teacher, a con artist on parole and a janitor adorned with a hunk of jade on a bootlace.
That will take five off the dole and the Minimum Wage will see them overpaid.

Let MPs who need a janitor, hire one on a zero contract  as there are so many days they wont be needed.

Then tell the entire office for wimmins affairs to let the cougars go find their own marks.

Tell Susy Squashplayer to go back to school and see if she can work out unassisted there actually is a massive difference between Race and Religion. Then since the boss will be absent for some time, pay the rest of those who slurp at that trough, off to go and get a real job.

Force all crims to either front up with a brief at their cost, get a sympathetic graduate to help pro bono or plead guilty and seek mercy.

Make bail a real financial guarantee to comply with court appearance requirements.

No named father = no welfare with the option of placing the child up for adoption.

Dump the RMA in a skip.

Form a "razor gang" and give them machetes.

Relocate remaining government offices to the provinces. Blenheim, Masterton, Hastings/Napier, Palmerston Nth, Wanganui and Gisborne all need  investment to grow and the drones could walk to work

End all corporate welfare, all means all.

By all means build new schools near where people choose to live but offset the costs, by  consolidating and closing schools that are becoming monuments to history, nostalgia and  perceived community hubs.

Sell Cullen's train set for one dollar for any bits some brave bugger is willing to have a go at and if no buyers emerge then sell the tracks to China for scrap and the land with no value as an infrastructure corridor, to the neighbours.
What other business that cost  1.5 billion to buy less than 7 years ago, now needing another billion to keep running makes any sense. Only the government running a business could achieve a result as spectacular as that.

Lastly the hard one but politically the simplest, end ToW NoW.

Oh and sell the rest of the generators before Rio Tinto pull their plug out of the wall and collapse the power price.

There ya Bill, a real budget surplus and taxcuts next year. Must have saved a few Billion already and  apart from a reduction in drones that will expand the pool for PS to recruit theirs, a surplus before the budget is decided.

Next week MMP,  reduction in size of Cabinet, MPs travel and transport, Ministry for sport, Human Wongs commission, Red Radio, NZ on Air, Tourism, Climate change, Racing and all the other affairs. Most people wanting an affair sort their own out, Ms 'Mae West' Bradford, Katie to her closest, could assist  with that but I would need contact details.
Where is David "I'm  in charge"  these days.

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