Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here is a case for McCready

`Council fined after boy dies under lawnmower.' Fine is $29,500 plus $65,000 reparation on top of the (at least)$12,000 the council has already paid to the family. `Last year the council employee operating the lawnmower was sentenced to six months' home detention and 100 hours of community work after pleading guilty to reckless driving causing death. The man, 73, was also ordered to pay $5000 reparation.' The above are two extracts from a Stuff report on todays court decision. It does not mentin that the tractor driver also had his Driving Licence cancelled for 3 years, reduced to I think 15 months on appeal. There is one step left in this sorry saga - the parents of the boy who died in this tragic accident need to be before the courts for leaving their children at the park for a large portion of the day in the supposed care of family members not capable of looking after them. My understanding is that the mother was located in a Hastings bar after the accident and supposedly had been there for most if not all afternoon. So come on McCready take on a worthwhile case.


Chuck Bird said...

Compare this mother to the mother who was charged with leaving her baby in the car who was charged.

If either mother is charged it is the one who was in the pub.

pdm said...

Fair comment CB - although we probably should qualify it with `allegedly in the pub'.