Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gee that was News but it went Over Corins head.

 Tonight TVOne released their first poll since Winny became defacto Leader of Her Majesties Opposition and Corin Dann  resident spin meister for the red team kinda missed the real news.

You see abdicating his best campaign opportunity to make progress in cementing his slipping grasp as alternative Prime minister  the abrasive cleaner  was left stranded with his glorious coalition around his ankles.

The debacle for the Nats with their totally inept understanding of By election tactics that saw the old dwarf make his last hurrah, had Corin and co slavering at just how far the government had fallen only to find they didn't fall at all in fact they held stronger.

Mana made it back to a smudge in the margin of error along with Craig's disciples, Act  and the Natives.
To be fair NZF's rise apparently came from the hapless GP as the slipped below 10%

The MMP mirage has been further smeared as the proportionality that is supposed to be so defining and suffered a smack in the goulies is proven to be out of whack.

The abrasive toilet cleaner, trying desperately to make a positive, is left with his pathetic suggestion that being a list only leaves him time to get out and about while The Dwarf is tied to Northland.
Sorry hopeless,  Winny is tied to nothing, all you have done is raise his profile way above yours, read the poll stupid,  the truth is your continual exposure to sycophants and isolation from voters continues to keep your ankles toed firmly together.
If Colgates answer to toilet duck is happy to be where he is at, I am sorry loser that is nowhere that matters, you have empowered the dwarf to be far more seen in the eyes of NZ as the best qualified to hold the National government to account.

That Corrin is what that poll meant in the big wide world, it is not about you.

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Allan said...

You have a way with words Grave Dodger. Just love your comment, certainly very true. If Corrin Dan leant any further left he would fall over. Since the last election it appears to me that there has been an increased effort by the very Left leaning MSM to paint the National Government in a bad way and try and convince the public that the Government is in trouble and not doing the job properly. Happily it would seem people are not being fooled.