Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see Cam Slater has pointed out that while the media has been obsessed with the PM, unreported, the latest poll has Labour tanking and NZ First rising.

But that's real news the left don't want to hear.

gravedodger said...

I wondered if the timing of Bradbury's release was to run interference on the polls that reveal how politically inept The Abrasive Cleaners Faux Pa was over tossing his photogenic and apparently a genuine prospect under The NZF Bus.

Judge Holden said...
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The Veteran said...

Holden ... well clearly you do so it's fascinating that you see yourself as a nobody.

p.s. I note that my post pointing out the hypocrisy of your two 'partners in crime' has received the highest number of hits for any post in recent times (currently 322).

That's quite a number of non people.

Judge Holden said...
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The Veteran said...

Nah Holden ... sheeting home hypocrisy when it happens. Hurts ... tough.

JC said...

Its interesting to compare attitudes over the decades to NZ participation in war.

In 1914 there were no immediate security concerns for us in a war expected to last no more than 3 months so PM Massey sent off a short cable to Britain saying "All that we have is at your disposal".

It was a statement reflecting shared kinship, concern about trade and quite a bit of thought about long term security.

By today's standards that would have been considered a tawdry bit of forelock tugging by Massey and condemned by our friends on the left.

A quarter of a century later MJ Savage, that well known war monger would say "Where Britain goes we go, where she stands we stand". Again theres the continued forelock tugging over a European matter, kinship, trade and long term security and again there were plenty who thought it a tawdry statement.

Fast forward to this year and we get this from Key..

"We have been clear that we cannot, and should not, fight Iraqis' battles for them - and actually Iraq doesn't want us to.

Our military can, however, play a part in building the capability and capacity of the Iraqi forces so they can fight ISIL themselves."

There's not much forelock tugging there or kinship or even trade but this time there's a more immediate security problem which has already reached Australia.

Also this time there is an emerging trade issue, that of Africa. If we allow the Islamists free rein there we close off a colossal future market and a massive food basket.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Some idiots don't remember where they've been banned.

pdm said...

JC - I thought it was Fraser who gave the ...`Where she goes, we go...........' speech.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... it was Savage when, on 5 September (two after we declared war), he spoke to the nation in a radio address from his sickbed in Wgtn .... an excerpt "Both with gratitude for the past and confidence in the future, we range ourselves without fear beside Britain. Where she goes, we go. Where she stands, we stand. We are only a small and young nation, but we are one and all a band of brothers and we march forward with union of hearts and wills to a common destiny".