Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Daylight Robery

Stop/go signs were set up on Colville Rd over the weekend and road users were asked to donate a gold coin before continuing their journey.

On a highway in the Coromandel a bunch of Maori are creating an ad hoc roadblock complete with road cones, hi viz jerkins and stop go signs.
They then solicit "donations" from the travelling public for the local Community Centre.

I understand there is no Koputauaki Community Center as most understand it.
There is no permit from the district council for such an event.
There is no traffic management plan.
The attitude of "the collectors" is described as intimidating and aggressive.

Two questions:

1 how long before an official intervention if SWMBO and I set up, at say The Hilltop with a similar fundraiser for the Aylmers Valley Charitable Trust.

2 Did not the English face a similar impediment to coaches on main roads c 1700.

The answer to 1 would be a few minutes , the answer to 2 was yes.

So what did officials do 300 odd years ago, well they arrested the perpetrators and with minimal due process left them swinging from gibbets on the roadside with no treatment for their sore throats.

If this was an impromptu one off fundraiser under say a Telethon weekend it just might fly but as the latest extortion of people going about their rightful activities it is highway robbery and has a potential to degenerate into civic chaos so Mr, sorry The Honourable Minister Michael Woodhouse, sort it


Tinman said...

GD your call for Mr Woodhouse to sort this out is good but surely it is Mike Bush who should be singled out here.

This is an operational matter that Mr Bush's charges should have dealt with immediately.

They haven't and Mr Bush should go - now.

The Veteran said...

GD ... I am privileged to Chair a Trust which provides financial assistance to the children & grandchildren of NZ Vietnam veterans to help them achieve their dreams.

Over the years and by hint of hard slog, knocking on doors etc we have raised many hundreds of thousand dollars and just last Sunday the Board approved a further tranche of bursaries worth in excess of $10,000.

I can imagine the reaction if we attempted to road block the Te Haumi straight at Paihia and extort money from the travelling public. Sure we're a good cause as perhaps the Coromandel mob are. Additionally, we are registered with the Charities Commission and our accounts independently audited - not sure about them.

But the simple question is how long do you think we would last before the 'law' intervened and read us our pedigree ...
by my guess about five minutes.

Stunts like this must be stamped on and stamped on hard ... they have the potential to turn really ugly.

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman yes it is Bush for sure but the matter has clearly gone well past his abilities to identify potential civic disorder.
@ Veteran you would last slightly longer than swmbo and self as in your locality the first step would be to make sure you weren't the Popatas or any others of Tit's "family" before they left the station.

ps Vet, your money is much more likely to make life better for your targets while I cannot help thinking the Kopu collection will end up with Lion brewery Rothmans or the local drug baron.