Monday, April 13, 2015

Can They Do Feral Or What?

Miranda Devine is an Australian Journalist who dared to create an opinion piece for her Daily Telegraph Newspaper in which she lauded the economic credentials of the Key Government and in particular how the Key effort compares with the utter shambles of three years of K Rudd, followed by three years Of  Julia Gillard and the forlorn attempts of Hockey and Abbott in the face of a recalcitrant obstructionist Senate to do anything substantial to reduce the big black hole that six years of union directed socialist fuelled bribery and corruption created.

Now Miranda has some decent creds that begin with her choice of father, NZ born Frank Devine who started at the Marlborough Express as a cadet, moved to the lucky country and worked for the WA  'Western Mail', moved through New York, London and Tokyo as a foreign correspondent before returning to Aus  as editor of the Perth Weekend News, Frank then joined Readers Digest as its Australian editor and ten years on moved to New York with a senior role at RD HQ.
Rupert Murdoch then head hunted Frank as Editor of the Chicago Sun Times and later as editor of the New York Post. He then ended his career back in Australia as editor and a columnist of "The Australian".
Now with just that as a formative influence in her life it was no surprise his eldest daughter Miranda would carve out an impressive career in journalism.

For her sins though she has been attacked by "Mickey Savage" at The Standard who is also the ubiquitous Greg Presland who made such a resounding success with Mr Cunliffe, first in his campaign for the leadership that included the mysterious secret trusts and then to his nadir with the best forgotten General election campaign that took the NZLP to its worst showing in nearly 100 years.
Presland gives 'taking the mickey' to new heights but his attempted demolition of one of the best credentialed political journalists at present working the scene in The Lucky Country, was petulance personified, then came the comments from the bottom feeding detritus who inhabit that cesspit.

I am reasonably certain Miranda would never visit the repository of such shallow inane crap but if she did she might just think of how far things have crashed since her illustrious Dad walked the international stage as a political journalist, Presland is not worthy of scooping up the horse shit that might fall from their horses, in fact that might just be where he gets his scripts from.

Miranda has worked for a bunch of major Aus Papers, has a regular slot on 2GB and is a casual guest on several Skynews Australia current affairs programs as they search for balance, something Presland would never understand even if it landed on his feeble skull as a package destined for his local newsagent.


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

I quite like Miranda Devine for the most part but this recent piece of hers was awfully vapid and pollyanna-ish.

The Veteran said...

Most normal people would take it as a complement to be 'savaged' by Mickey and Greg over at 'The Stranded'.

They would see the criticism as positive endorsement that they got it right.

Put it another way ... since when have Mickey and Greg's opinions counted for anything?

As for "vapid' and "pollyanna-ish" ... Isn't it good that John Campbell has got his comeuppance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Howie said...

"since when have Mickey and Greg's opinions counted for anything?"

Ummm, right back at you. Your views and $3 gets you a Coke. At most.

The Veteran said...

Then why do you bother reading them?

Howie said...

"Then why do you bother reading them?"

For the laughs. Why do you?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... there's hope for you yet when you characterise the views expressed in the Standard as laughable.

Howie said...

See. that's what I'm talking about! Your inability to understand a simple sentence and extremely amusing.

The Veteran said...

No Howie ... it was to point out that your sentence was so poorly constructed so as to be capable of a couple of interpretations ... sad that you don't recognise it when some-one is taking the piss out of you?