Thursday, April 9, 2015

Breaking News!

Bryce says the media is turning on  John Key!

I had absolutely no warning of that.

Bryce Edwards is a raving lefty academic in the political science department of Otago University,  he has a column in the NZ Herald, is a regular contact point for every attempt to denigrate the national government in current affairs and news programs, and is a regular in the ether with his socialist dogma.

The Media that fawned over Phillip Goff, then hitched their wagon to the philanderous Davy Cunliffe while completely ignoring activities that flew in the face of his "All About Trust" campaign.
Also totally below their radar was the very strong story of a then hyphenated named bouncy thoroughbred socialist journo who at one time publically despaired as to what the MSM had to do to get the polls to move the way they wanted them to, possibly involved in extra curricular bedding use
Obsequiously promoted Hagar and his electoral destabilising attempt to make a case that only the Key Government indulged in Dirty Politics based entirely on stolen electronic data carefully selected and published in the leadup to the 2014 general election.
Made concerted attempts to laud the antics of an obese foreigner avoiding facing justice in The US and his subsequent financial support for a ragtag bunch it seemed might thwart the extradition process. An effort that cost a significant sum of money and ended in tears.
Made much of "a Day Of Revelation" involving Schmitz,  Harre, The Traitor Snowdon and the albino holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid a date with the Law in Sweden when the reality was similar to Guy Fawkes night with 100mm of rain in two hours looking  successful.
Endlessly ignoring completely the avalanche of good economic news that has most similar economies across the globe looking on jealousy while headlining any smidgeon of the negative no matter how far removed from the truth.

 Last month they could not believe their good fortune when their darling of thirty years of destructive, devious, denial shenanigans decided to run for Northland following the departure of sitting member Mike Sabin for reasons still supressed but providing enough opportunity to hint and rumour, sufficient to cast political newbie Mark Osborne in an impossible light while they shamelessly promoted the cancer that has threatened our democracy since it seems, forever. All that month denying any possibility that Osborne might get any publicity to build a profile.

Breaking News be buggered the various training schools for Labour candidates have never in over ten years ever done any more than work for the downfall of John Key and only reluctantly gave him column inches when forced by circumstances to do so.

Pull the other one Bryce, The Media might be increasing their anti Key rhetoric but turning against, total Bollocks.


Budgieboy said...

Like so many posts on this site this really doesn't need anything added to it but I can't let another one slip by without saying well done, totally agree.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

National got absolutely butt-raped in Northland. Disturbingly too, the born to rule arrogance and hubris is beginning to show on senior Nat MP's . . the attempts by Burrows and Carter to justify the Speaker's junket being one of the more recent egregious examples.

I fear that if NZ First fields another candidate who has good name recognition in another rural seat, the Nats will get pantsed again too.

pdm said...

Ghost it is not often you make a little sense. This is one instance although I think Northland was an absolute one off - with only Shane Jones being a likely savior of the party as Peters becomes increasingly doddery.

The `born to rule arrogance' you refer to I am sure stems from John Keys adherence to a lot of the bribes of the Clark/Cullen/Peters regime. It is almost as though he is modelling himself on the arrogant Clark now.

John Key needs to step back to being the man who was elected in 2008 at which time he had the persona and talent be New Zealands greatest Prime Minister in my time. He is slipping away from that so far in this term and as a result National is losing respect and ground.