Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Billy Who?

While John Key mulls how his loyal Lieutenant has dropped a government that was musing on Sunday  September the 21st on how to manage a government possibly needing no support votes into a minority administration one death of an MP of his party from having to call on Sir Gerry, spare a thought for the Cane Toads.

Campbell Newman almost wiped the Labor opposition in his state Parliament off the map only by a unexpected turn of events three years later to lose his seat, his premiership and any hope of resurrection.
Annastacia Polaszczuc ( clearly they didn't all get selected by the English judiciary) installed as Premier with a minority government legitimised by cross bench support of independents.
Now things have taken a step towards serious problems with one of her MPs, holding the seat of Cook in the far North being outed as a serial criminal over many years the latest brush being a protection order in the name of his mother.

Now expelled from the ALP he continues to hold his seat but for how long, who could know.

His name Billy Gordon,  he could well add Bennett with a hyphen.

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