Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another Media Howler

Watching CBS Evening News courtesy of Sky Australia, a report of multiple casualties in a house believed to be from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, the presenter was describing the insidious way the suffocating gas can overcome its victims.
All well and good as it can be generated in multiple ways from burning carbon based fuels, and materials, the most common being hydro carbons, in brief a very potent danger in these times.

So what you say.
Well with all the drama around AGW and the associated scams where Carbon Dioxide is a very popular and common contributor to the coming doomsday it was with some considerable surprise I noted the chemical symbol used to highlight the dangers of Carbon Monoxide was in fact that of the Gas each and every living mammal exhales with every breath,  CO2,  rather than that of CO the silent, odourless, suffocating killer created by combustion where Oxygen is somehow restricted.

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