Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Worthy and sad one team had to lose.

I had a wee dram when the target was eight an over with 9 overs  to go.
That is one day cricket. I have absolutely no idea how Duckworth Lewis works but to take that game to 5 from two balls after a rain delay it must be close to reasonable. Of course we really only needed four but I don't think Grant Elliot knew that.

Kane Williamson ended the pool game with Australia game with a six and today grant Elliot did the Saffas in with another.

Where are all those who said Elliot should not be there, last weekend it was another weak link Guptill who came good.

The rain gods saved us.
If du Plessis and de Villiers had not been thwarted by rain we could have been chasing somewhere close to 400.
If Bazza had not knocked the impossible out of the 298 equation it could well have been a bridge too far.
Was de Villiers full of influenza or does he sniff a lot.
Does Ross Taylor need intensive debriefing on basic running calls, if it is go then bloody go, once a calloff  happens abandon it, yes no no yes only works when the other team cant field. That wont be an option when it is India or more likely the men in yellow.
Did AB de V work out he needed to pull a stump when the bails are off, that effort indicated he was operating below par.

Morne Morkel has a softer side.

That game was played as I understand the spirit of the game deserves.

My most rewarding emotion now as the euphoria envelopes me, will Seven Sharp now head back to Westlake and give those SAFFA children a chance to now embrace the country their Parents have chosen as an escape from the shithole Mbeke and co are creating in the republic.

Yes David Millar can hit a cricket ball, sheesh.
 Was I in a massive minority when "hawkeye" had that ball so high when it passed the stumps to exstiguish the review options for SA.


pdm said...

I fess up - I was astounded that Elliott was selected ahead of Brownlie or Neesham - although Neesham was competing more with Anderson.

How wrong I was.

gravedodger said...

That is being a bit tough on yourself pdm, we have the luxury of not having to account for our opinions.
In the reality, they must face things every day.
How difficult to go past Mills and McClenigahn to Henry who I thought McCallum managed very well and he made a reasonable replacement for Milne.
Mitch M OTOH had an opportunity and was brutally exposed as not match fit wheras Matt H came off two Plunket Shield games and just stepped up.

It still has an air of the surreal about it all this morning though.

The Veteran said...

Did anyone else have trouble sleeping last night reliving the game virtually ball by ball?

Stephen Fleming called it right too when he tweeted that the 'Yarpies' did not choke but that NZL won.

smttc said...

Elliott said on Red Radio this morning that he was well aware they only needed 4 runs off 2 balls to "win" it.