Monday, March 23, 2015

Who Does Not Understand ?

After a reasonably financially successful sojourn in Real Estate one of the major factors in calling time was the significant reduction in personal trust during the Five years.

Lawyers, clients, vendors and even people on the same team were a part of my diminished respect for doing the right thingt.

One of the main themes in the "professional" development training and education was the law of contract, its simple origins and basic meme including such quaint behaviours as spitting on the palm of a hand before a sealing handshake, the passing of a 'sixpence' as "consideration, the inherent power of a verbal contract.
All those binding parts of establishing a contract to supply, to pay, to act in the promised way but above all as matter between parties was the basic honesty of the personal commitment to perform.

In the matter of the two pawns in the St Bedes rowing team enroute to the massive event called The Maadi Cup, tell me again how many eggs in a dozen?

With all the history, legend and aura around the ultimate trophy in secondary schools rowing what a sad reflection on all that with the stupid ill considered and embarrassing act of the two St Bedes pupils.

Surely they must have been aware of the equally stupid action of the old boy of the college when he accessed a door in breach of airport security and was correctly fined admonished and found even as a Cabinet Minister he was not exempt and had to face the repercussions that followed.

Were they so inept at English and comprehension to miss what anybody with an IQ bigger than their shoe size is constantly reminded of, with signage to the point of graffiti.

The two youths, their parents and all the other members of the contingent signed a good conduct and behaviour bond before they departed CHC.
Now after the two soft boiled eggs mounted the luggage carousel at AKL and rode it into the secure baggage area beyond the curtain as a prank their part in the Maadi has been terminated.
That is right up there with equally stupid idiots such as mentioning the word "Bomb" anywhere around an airport.
Security staff are what stands between the public and any potential terror threat that is always in their face and any breach however stupid or even in error will have a potential to elevate hormone levels that can have serious outcomes for those frontline people.

Now those parents are going to the High Court to injunct the college from ending what is possibly the biggest moment in their student careers to date. Well people, stupid has outcomes and in this case it is reasonable not harsh.

Rector Justin Boyle has made enormous strides in taking that great school from the image of Priests and religious stigma that is associated with such places of learning to a pre-eminent place for learning, sport and general excellence and he would have given his response considerable thought before acting to dismiss the two students from the rowing squad.

I earnestly hope that the judge who sits to hear what I suggest is an act of frivolous waste of the courts time gives the litigious parents their beans and backs the college who took all reasonable steps to ensure a successful trip of a lifetime for the many who managed to avoid such dopey stupidity.
If the college gains the victory they deserve then It would be great if the parents who rushed to the courts are made to pay all the costs, however in the light of the idiocy of the recent backing of the Hawkes bay student who was encouraged to defy what thousands of normal people regard as a schools right in making and enforcing rules I am not hopeful.

Another judicial assault on  schools ability to run their business smashed as the HC grants an injunction to the parents and The boys win.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

How about a link?

gravedodger said...

Sorry Adolf take your pick, Stuff, NewstalkZB, Radio Live.
Saturation coverage and didn't want to pick Favou rites.

Good News, not John Key's fault yet but Gerry, as an Old Bedie Boy has copped it, sorta deja vue again for him.

pdm said...

Oh for the good old days when these boys would have got 6 on their backsides as soon as they got back to the school.

JC said...

I would now expect Elf and Safety to prosecute the school as it has been shown by the Court that the school awarded no punishment or deterrent to such a dangerous practice.

Remember, ignorance and adhering to court orders is no defence where safety is concerned.

Also, the other 99% of the parents might like to look at suing the school for endangering their little darling by not specifying that kids must not ride the carousel at the airport.

And God knows what H&S will do when it founds out no one kid was wearing a lifebelt on the water.. without even a whistle!


gravedodger said...

I note some of the luvvies are suggesting the school's action would spoil the rest of the squads regatta.
Two things;
the prats should have considered that before they had their brain fart.
Had they been injured in their stupid action it would have had the same result as Justin Boyle's action.

Never mind they only have to cope with continuing their life journey in the knowledge Mummy and daddy will clear their path of consequences whatever they manage to do to cause grief.

gravedodger said...

Oh and it is nothing new for the integrated catholic boys school that boasts at least three of the current MPs, Big Gerry who has form in Airport security, Damien Oconnor West coast Tasman and Claytons Cosgrove who has been given his beans by Kate Wilkinson and then Matthew Doocey.
Last years rowing squad had incidents at Tekapo during the 2014 Maadi with fires and suggestive symbols.Tekapo is an accommodation option that supplements Twizell township for the Ruataniwha Rowing centre that could well be renamed the Max Smith Memorial rowing course.

Allan said...

What load of crap this all is. The little buggers broke the School's code of conduct; they had signed a document promising not to do this so the Headmaster decided to punish them. That is where the matter should have ended. End of story!!!!

The Veteran said...

I can't believe the load of crap being dished out by all and sundry who clearly believe personal responsibility is a dirty word.

Sad and symptomatic of a society that's lost its way.

gravedodger said...

And there is another of the illuminati old boys The (Hon) Peter Dunn he even tweeted his support to the pair of scroats.