Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When We Need It It Is Gorn

Who the hell removed Sedition from our legal process.

As so eloquently expressed in a 'Python' sketch, "damn fine word, sedition".

The utter bastard who is behind the 1080 threat suddenly has me whimsically considering Hanging, drawing and quartering as appropriate.

Forget the ramifications of trade and international confidence in our major export sector.
I can still recall the almost paranoid concerns around our own children as defenceless infants from dangers that threatened their health and wellbeing.
For young parents, mothers in particular to be faced with contaminated food sources is almost as bad as criminal actions could approach as a source of danger.

Clearly many bread slices short of a lunch the brainless halfwit obviously has little comprehension of the magnitude the poorly aimed and targeted actions instigated have as a potential to so many on the fringes.

It is unlikely no-one else has knowledge of the imbecility driven  actions, so lets hope someone comes forward and allows the law to deal its hand to make the perpetrator face the consequences of such appalling actions.


The Veteran said...

And I see that Winston's contribution to all of this is to suggest that the Government is playing this as a diversion to divert attention from the Northland bi-election.

It's really sad that the 'father' (or should it be Grandfather) of the House as nothing more left in the tank and is reduced to this ... along with promising a container Port for Whangarei which has been panned by all and sundry and which he can't deliver on anyway.

Signs of losing it big time.

alwyn said...

He's not actually the father of the house, despite having been first elected about 37 years ago.
The current father of the house is Peter Dunne, first elected in 1984. In New Zealand it is the MP with the longest continuous service and Winston has twice been kicked out. Unfortunately he has also twice returned.

The Veteran said...

point taken Alwyn ... guess a bit like the unwanted relation, banned from family gatherings because of past indiscretions, who keeps turning up, along with a few hangers on he met at the Pub, trying to gatecrash the family Xmas dinner.

Anonymous said...

It appears the only reason Jill Public is now up in arms is because someone from police, MPI or DPMC was a conduit to the media,not the by election.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... as I understand it there were about 1,000 people supposedly in the know and NZL being what it is the story was bound to break ... far better for Govt to front foot the issue than start from behind the 8 ball.

Fascinating to me that the Greens are conspicuously quiet on the issue ... one may be forgiven for wondering if the Green Talaban was behind the threat. Some of those guys and gals are quite scary in their pursuit of own goals.

pdm said...

Mike Hosking this morning asked the PM if he would like to hang the perp up by his balls. Seemed appropriate to me providing it is a male of course - unsure what appendage to use for a female.

Tinman said...

Blogger pdm said...

unsure what appendage to use for a female.

Meathook - no appendages necessary.

Nookin said...

The 1080 threat does not really come within the meaning of sedition which is more aligned with inciting insurrection.
Try threatening to murder, extortion, and possibly one of the terrorist offences (havent looked so cant comment). Maybe we need a new crime. Call it "acting in a manner deserving of hanging until seriously unhappy".

The Veteran said...

Perhaps the perps could be offered in exchange for the two Bali 9 likely to exit stage left in the not too distant future.

pdm said...

Vet - why exchange?

Wouldn't a threesome be better?

Noel said...

Terrorist offences? Didn't the police try to use those laws in the past and found them so poorly drafted by the trough feeders that they had to default to the fire arms act.

Not a great precursor to new laws you are proposing.

pdm said...

Noel - as I recall the dud laws you refer to were drafted by Clark and her lot. One expects the current Government to do better.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... the threat seems to me to fall within the definition of a terriorist act as set out in S5 of the Terriorism Supression Act 2002. Note particularly Clauses 5(2)(a)(b) and 5(3)(b) relating to 'inducing terror' and 'forcing a government to do or abstain from an act' and posing 'a serious risk to the health or safety of a population'.

Clause 6A(2) provides for, on conviction, imprisonment for life.

I disagree the Act is poorly drafted. Where the Police came unstuck was trying to invoke it in the Urewera case where other laws were a more appropriate fit.

We don't need new laws. Just the balls to enforce the current ones ... and watch the Greens go apeshit.

Noel said...

"other laws were a more appropriate fit"

What... the Arms Act? ROFL

The Veteran said...

Noel ... it's not really germane to this post but history records that the Urewera four were subsequently charged with 'participating in an organised criminal group' (originally there were five, but Lambert died before it came to trial).

As you know the jury was unable to reach a verdict made difficult given that much of the evidence gathered was deemed to be inadmissible.

As a lay person but with some active exposure to the judicial system it appears to me that the 1080 eco-terrorism case under investigation fits neatly within the Act and should be pursued as such.