Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What is the world coming to...

..when John Key is the only person in the media talking sense about arseholes grabbing people's car keys off them because they don't like their driving?  Says Key:

Some terrible incident could occur as a result of it.

Well, exactly.  Sooner or later, one of these arseholes (this repeat offender for instance), is going to try and grab the keys out of a car that isn't driven by some Asian tourist who has no idea what's going on, and will end up leaving a bunch of his teeth on the roadway, or running over a guy who's only trying to stop some arsehole stealing his car keys.

Here's a couple of things worth bearing in mind in the current moral panic over tourist drivers:

1.  New Zealanders are shit drivers.  The pits, the absolute dregs.  We don't get to look down on any other nationality when it comes to bad driving.  If you lack the bollocks to try and steal the car keys of crap local drivers, then leave fucking foreigners alone you racist shitbag.

2.  The dash-cam footage shown so far on the news has been the kind of stuff you see from locals, let alone tourists.  I do plenty of crossing the white line to straighten a road out if there's no oncoming traffic, illegal or not.  Same with travelling at more than 100 kph.  And anyone who isn't a cop and tries to confiscate my car keys will find they need to have a wheelbrace surgically removed from wherever it ended up, and deserve it.

The only real question in all this is, what are the fucking cops doing about it?  If someone wanders into a police station to announce they've stolen another driver's car keys, shouldn't they be charged with an offence?


Anonymous said...

This entire topic really gets to me and it has been whipped up by an unthinking media to an unthinking NZ public. The reality is that NZers are not by international standards good drivers. I heard a spokesman from the AA in UK observe that up to a million Brits take their cars on holiday each year in Continental Europe. When the typical Brit gets off the ferry in Europe his car is
a Not designed for the Euro side of the road
b The driver is not used to driving on the Euro side of the road.
Are Brit tourists in Europe responsible for a greater than average % of accidents? No they're not.
In NZ we haughtily attribute faults to tourists which in some cases may be justified but are the tourists uniquely at fault. Of course not. NZ roads are not always built to a high standard etc…


JC said...

Ministry of Transport figures show the foreign drivers most involved in crashes are first the Australians, then UK and then the Germans.

Indians, Chinese and Yanks are next almost in a deadheat.

But perhaps most importantly, foreign drivers have almost exactly the same per capita rate of crashes as NZ drivers.


Tinman said...

I have had occasion to remove the keys from a driver's car.

The nutter drove up my arse while I was travelling at 50kph in a 50kph zone and then claimed I had backed into him. No doubt a labour voter.

Held his keys until the cop I subsequently called arrived then gave them to him.

The cop later telephoned me to tell me the nutter's license had been cancelled.

So let's see; I took keys, it was not a tourist.

Am I now OK to take tourists keys if they are demonstrably unfit to drive?

Budgieboy said...

This is a great post, agree with every word.

gravedodger said...

While the thrust of your post has merit Milt, and based on how traffic behaves in your environment, here on SI roads with light traffic flows, litttle opposing traffic, and some extraordinary scenic distraction, there are far too many acts of totally mind blowing content.
Recently came apon the first roadside view of Lake Pukaki from the Tekapo Omarama road, the lake seems unusually azure blue this year, and it was chaos with maybe 10 rentals (most are carrying logos) parked chaotically as though all the travellers had an attack of dysentary, all stopped to take the pictures.
That said the trend to vigilantism is seriously ott.

Nookin said...

We do seem to live in a funny world. It seems to be all the rage for unauthorised and unqualified wombats to grab the keys off any tourist who offends their individual sense of traffic safety and convenience but when the police set off to grab the keys off some maniacal twat hellbent on putting as much distance between the police and himself as possible, and who subsequently wraps himself around the nearest immovable obstacle, it is the police upon whom the media descend – bemoaning yet another death arising out of a police chase.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"If someone wanders into a police station to announce they've stolen another driver's car keys, shouldn't they be charged with an offense? "

You bet!

Psycho Milt said...

Tinman: I don't really see a problem with taking someone's keys to stop leaving the scene of an accident he caused. Would you try grabbing someone's keys just because you considered them a bad driver?

The Veteran said...

I see this as nothing more than this weeks media beat-up to be enjoyed by Winston First in his unrelenting campaign against any and all immigrants (except when his Deputy Leader once removed happened to be one).

Milt ... you have nailed it with your point (1). Mrs Vet and I have just returned from a short holiday in Queenstown/Arrowtown/Cromwell/Wanaka. The roads were jammed packed with motor-homes and rental cars many of whom would have been driven by visitors from o'seas.

They caused us no grief at all. What did occurred on a stretch of road with a 30k limit because of new seal. We were observing that restriction when behind us, travelling like a bat out of hell, came a 1990s battered Jap import, sporting one of those emergency wheels on the LH front side, that passed us doing 80K+ and managed to put a stone thru our window.

NZL driving at its best.