Monday, March 16, 2015

What exactly does the RMA achieve?

 In the large scheme of things economic, bugger all unless the costs imposed on entrepreneurs is counted. 

.For starters it is a lawyer protection scheme that rivals the infamous one dollar a sheep subsidy for  she(a)r stupidity.

It adds many thousands of dollars to the cost of a house, you know the ones every politician wants to reduce the cost of.

It enabled a new supermarket in Wairau Rd  Albany to stand idle for years while Progressive Enterprises lawyers used it to restrain competing grocer Foodstuffs from opening a grocers shop.

It adds gazillions of costs on each and every attempt to build a better NZ while nimbys and others opposed to progress use pro bono lawyers and amateurs and in extreme cases taxpayer funded legal aid,  to raise nefarious arguments in opposition.
Ironically those regressives are ennobled as Progressives.

It enabled disgruntled bludger and neighbour of the legally entitled property owner who had through due process gained consent to cut down an immature Kauri tree as part of a residential development, to thwart the project on personal vindictive grounds.
Had it been my property that bloody tree would have had dieback to write a thesis on as a first step avoiding the Legal process entirely.

Today Cameron Slater highlights a case where to avoid a costly prosecution a farmer paid $10k to an Ashburton District Council slush fund as a financial penalty for cutting and clearing land of Matagouri without "consent" in an abject case of bullying under the Act.

WTF, most farmers who have this very prickly native on their property want to give it the same treatment as imported gorse.
Matagouri of my childhood was a shrubby low growing nuisance plant that only came into play if one fell into it or rode along a track with it growing on the uphill bank, it was quite harsh on bare legs.
It also, as broken twigs ended up in the backwool of grazing sheep and became an annoying problem for shearers. Matagouri is also very effective as an enabling vector in the spread of "scabby mouth" a debilitating viral disease in sheep.
IMEHO there is only one redeeming feature around Matagouri, it does give some shelter from light snowfall for sheltering ovines and  wild pigs.

Of course had that landowner been really wealthy and fought the rubbish all the way to our Supreme Court, then our esteemed Chief Justice would have had to recuse herself as she and poor little rich man hubby were under investigation for unconsented clearance of this now "iconic" lowland shrub on their property on the Lake Sumner Road in days gone by.

Two things have changed for Matagouri  and it has benefitted from both.
The DOC estate has expanded exponentially with Tenure (ten year) Review and much of that land has gazillions of acres of matagouri plants.
The other change involves lowland country that having remained  free of invasive weeds such as gorse, blackberry and broome, has Matagouri flourishing and flourish it does as top dressing and animal manure are of great benefit to it.

Now a bunch of tree huggers masquerading as environmental experts are using this shrub as a weapon under, you guessed it,  Mr Palmers flawed RMA.

Thankfully 'Metsulfrin' works a treat and many acres of good grazing can be created from this pernicious pest that as far as I know has zero benefit to any species other than a deskbound crat vainly making a nest for life in its shelter.

In the closing weeks of the second term Key government, another pernicious pest used his lack of relevance to stifle any moves to bring sanity to the RMA and if the people of Northland send the pinstriped dwarf to Wellington and replace him on the NZF list with the nonentity from Invercargill it will be Deja Vue all over again and the inmates will regain the asylum, again.

Very few cases where the RMA is employed are the aims and outcomes anything to do with "protecting the environment", the single meme employed to gain acceptance in the early days of Palmer's misguided law.
For example as a part of preventing unlocking mineral exploitation on the Wet Coast, some snails were discovered and it was proclaimed these rare and endangered slugs were threatened by any mining development. Alas the poor innocent creatures were placed in a fridge for their protection as evidence and the temperature plunged adding only to the sum of knowledge on cryogenics.
Were those who froze the snails to a better place, prosecuted under the RMA, er no probably because unlike a successful farmer there were insufficient spondulucks available to pay any starving bloody lawyers from such action.

As written and interpreted by a judicial system forever seeking ways to increase turnover and thereby profits, the RMA  is a dogs breakfast and an incredibly successful weapon in the hands of regressives and their enablers.


paul scott said...

Thanks 'Gravedodger' great article.

Marcus James Wyatt said...

Completely agree with you!