Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well Said Keeping Stock.

One of the sad things in the fallout of Hagar's publishing of stolen electronic message data from Cameron Slater, was the self imposed action by Keeping Stock to cease his Blog activity as a brand.
Informative and a significant personal view of a wide ranging range of subjects it was a daily read for me.

He still adds to the sum of the medium and below is his perspective, today on kiwiblog, on the aspect of cricket that will remain a complete mystery to the Australian team and to a lessor extent the Indians who go into action today in Sydney to find New Zealands opposition in Sundays final at Melbourne.

Keeping Stock (9,644 comments) says:

I’ve got a suggestion for whoever is the Match Referee for today’s second World Cup semi-final between Australia and India.
When the players arrive at the ground, lock them in their respective dressing rooms, and give every player in each team a copy of Andrew Hughes’ excellent Cricinfo piece on sledging (see the link below).
Then, when they have read and understood it, show them video of the last few overs of the first semi-final, including the aftermath where two teams of cricketing gladiators embraced one another. Although one team was ecstatic and the other was despondent, there was a spirit of respect between the teams. Both teams had given everything for their respective country, but had done so in the best traditions of cricket, a sport which will still be around long after the current crop of players have gone out to pasture.
I have loved the sport of cricket for near enough to 55 years. But I don’t love what cricket has sometimes become, especially when players such as James Faulkner regard abusing and belittling their opposition as a key part of the game.
New Zealand and South Africa set a very high standard on Tuesday night, both in terms of their on-field conduct and play. Can Australia and India maintain that standard?

Well said KS but in answer to your question "I dont think so" childish sledging is so deeply embedded in the psyche of every Australian Cricketer they just don't know any different.
Very occasionally someone comes up with something memorable but antics such as Warner, Watson and co can manage, are at best eminently forgettable.
Maxwell was evidence of that when  Mitchell Starc was the only one of his team to stand up to the New Zealand bowlers merciless exposure of the Australian batting with his childish and inane sledge with a mock choking attack just before Kane Williamson playing real cricket sent Pat Cummins over long on to put the rabid dog down.

Elliot going to a clearly wounded Springbok on the pitch having given it all is so much more memorable.
Aussies would all be engrossed with each other to bother

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