Saturday, March 28, 2015

Unbucking Felievable??

Luke Foley the ALP candidate for Premier of the most populous state, New South Wales, resplendent in a red tie and electric blue jacket, making a plea for support in his losing campaign where he and his supporters have left no lie unturned,  on his photo-op voting with Irish born wife who having recently gained citizenship was casting her first Australian vote

So dishonest was the Labor  campaign  in fact that fellow ALP luminaries have expressed public opprobrium for his blatant manipulations of  truth.

While we who reside thousands of Kms from Northland are proscribed from any statement that might influence a voter today on polling day, there are no such constraints contained in electoral law in the recent change in making early voting  in NZ more accessible, with signage and vote influencing suddenly only a problem from  midnight that begins polling day.
Meanwhile party functionaries can scrutineer wearing tribal regalia, other party workers wearing rosettes and driving logo bearing vehicles can transport voters to booths.
Media reports that there are in excess of 10k votes already cast under the full on party political activity glare when booths opened at 0900 today.

The quote of the day from Foley was the old socialist mantra "vote early and often" shouted with pride and emphasis.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Australia has the 'donkey vote.'

Northand demonstrated NZ's porpensity for the 'stupid vote.'

Howie said...

Yep, the voters are stoopid when they don't vote for the Nats. That's a good takeaway from this humiliation. What's a "porpensity" btw?

gravedodger said...

Howie do you ever contact blogs via a smart phone or small tablet and if that is a yes you may just be more nimble than I.
I can work out Adolf meant, propensity, but I understand one as intellectually challenged as you clearly demonstrate you are, might struggle.

Correcting typos can be a time consuming bitch on some devices, bit like you really.

The Veteran posted an interesting take on how the brain reads and the main message was to get the first and last letters right and the bits in the middle don't matter much for people with intellect and basic English in the instance used.

You were very accurate with your comment on Northland being collectively politically stupid, they now have an MP who;
Does not live and vote in the electorate,

they have their political link to Wellington as contact person, a shambling old man who appears the worse for liquor in question time on occasions with slurred speech and poor management of his notes or he has a neurological deficiency,

is now now no where near the government caucus,

Who in the twilight of his career is all about himself, a lifetime achievement in a manner of speaking.

has a reputation for destructive exiting from his forays into government,

Has lost almost as many electorate seats as he has won and this will be no different.

has demonstrated that with rat cunning and an unquestioning media he can bring otherwise sane people to join him in reaching for the self destruct button. Such followers used to have decline in cognisance as a justification for their adherence to his cult but on this occasion it is apparently "sending the government a message". I and many others will wait for a hint what that message was but methinks it will morph into the mists of time before revelation comes calling.

Just as with the $158 000.

Best wishes to the 11000 odd who saw him for what he is/was, you will need every bit of support available.

Yes there was possibly a message in what motivated some to vote the way they did but those who wished to give Key a bloody nose the answer that comes back might just be a very different one to the one that was hoped for.

Howie said...

It's ironic that someone who calls other people stupid in one sentence uses a non-existent word in the next, though isn't it?

And go ahead, call New Zealanders stupid, that's the way to win hearts and minds.