Wednesday, March 4, 2015

They Would Never Do That.

After all the garbage delivered over the good folks of Epsom being collectively smart enough to  send a quality ACT Party member to Wellington, all the while ignoring the similar outcome with the Troughmaster General in Wigram, there are more than a few hanging out at The Standard and similar cess pits advocating for the coalition from hell to all support The vertically challenged dwarf so accurately portrayed by SonovaMin at Slater's blog and highlighted by Adolf yesterday.

If every candidate vote not cast for Sabin last year was cast  for the man once very happy to be the MP for Tauranga and Sabin's votes all went to Osborne, he would still prevail.
Accepting that  a bi-election has a lower turnout, and some of Craig's support heads to the Nats then The Ego has  to make up some ground to give what should b another failed last hurrah.

Then the oh so ethical, honest and overflowing with probity would never do deals, would they?  Well they just might.

For that scenario to come to pass then NZF, The GP and The NZLP must all dine out on dead rats on a kumera mash with puha and dandelion greens and gluten free gravy.

Never say never as the country holds its collective breath awaiting the lifting of suppression orders around Mr Sabin's  problems.

Dont hold yer breath Winston, this latest move has all the hallmarks of the
'Shadbolt Maneuver '  sans the clear energy Tim brings to his efforts in the other end of the country.

A concrete mixer has a more productive image than SonovaMin's mobility scooter and carpetbag.


Tinman said...

I remember by-elections from days gone by, always against the current gummint because the disaffected cared and other didn't.

From memory by-elections gave us Gary Knapp and Winston Peters not to mention my own current MP - not to mention it because I have no recollection of the communist carpet-bagging slag's name, such a brilliant local MP she is.

This one is of course in Northland - I once worked there - so I suppose Bi-election is appropriate.

Noel said...

No election is no appropriate.
By or bye is.