Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Then Where To Next

So one bunch of 'crats' will prosecute another bunch of 'crats'  for  failing in their duty to protect.

When that nonsense has provideed two bunches of lawyers with an income stream, then what.

Maybe charges against Mental Health services who failed to sort the perp out.

Why stop there, surely Plod must have failed somewhere!

Who failed in allowing the perp access to the weapon?

All WINZ Offices, vehicles, workers residences will be fortified with 24/7 guards.

 All the while Peggy and Liegh are still dead and many others traumatised while idiots are obsessed with the rights of nutters who need to be in a safe place.
Safe for the nutters but more important safely away from those they might endanger when things go south.

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Shane Ponting said...

Glocks for all MSD staff I say. And how about some concealed carry whilst we are at it.