Thursday, March 5, 2015

That's It?

Two thieving ratfaced wannabes, working with stolen electronic documents have revealed the outstanding and completely inexplicable allegation that NZ Security services have spied on Fiji and other pacific tinpot countries.

Here was I thinking this much vaunted and built  up  expose was at least going to reveal that the GCSB in cahoots with the SAS and Jimmy Bond infiltrated the Kremlin to  get a handle on what Putin was planning in Ukraine, at the very least.

The only reason that the lame stream media gave this garbage oxygen was to fling mud at John Key.
Seriously who cares.

I for one was very  happy that the US spied on neighbor Cuba in the 1960s to discover the USSR was installing missiles that had only minutes to  strike at the free world.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When will they ever learn?

Must be worth at least two points for Mr Key in the next lot of polls. That's on top of the three points for canning MP's pay rises.

BTW, the online Herald was wall to wall Hagar.

What a despicable and pathetic rag. Should be delivered in a plain brown wrapper.

Noel said...

"That's on top of the three points for canning MP's pay rises."

Ahh but does that include the new perks. Or put another was are Nurses, Teachers et al going to have 20 free flights for their children.

macdoctor said...

What spying is this? It is my understanding that this is harvesting metadata, rather than content. And how is this different from what Google and FaceBook do every day?