Monday, March 23, 2015

Something Also A Bit Special.

With  heightened excitement as a tragic from The era of Murray Chapple yes we had one and it was spelt differently, Jack Alabaster, John Reid, Bert Sutcliffe the exploits of Bazza's boys is compelling viewing and something of a vindication for sixty years of riding the roller coaster.

So,  the start of the Super Rugby is more of an intrusion than normal as the seasons overlap.
So much in fact that the Mid Afternoon Crusaders game against the Johannesburg Lions was over before swmbo reminded me, she is normally better in matters of such import.

Last Saturday the West Indies Vs NZ was the only game in town but I took the precaution of setting the Rugby to record.
As the marvellous striking of the Kookaburra White was slowly ending as wickets fell, I crossed during a wicket fall advert break to see how things were at the rugby and was not really alarmed when it showed the Crusaders down 14 to 10 at around 48 minutes, whatever.
A couple of Caribbean wickets later another cross at 57 minutes it was 38 to 14 at the rugby but in the history unfolding at the "tin" such a possibly inexplicable improbability was left until later to find an explanation.

What in fact revealed later was an extraordinary nine minutes of rugby triggered by a penalty try at 50 22 minute mark that saw 28 points in a display I have not witnessed since that extraordinary night at Lancaster Park when after a blistering first half many in the stands wondered if the NSW Warratahs would front for more, after conceding over fifty points in the first half. The two teams were first and second on the 2002 table and the Crusaders went on to win 96 to 19 and then the title in the knockouts.

OK Saturday was afternoon rugby, it was fine but it was an assault of running and passing, what a contrast to the ugly ill tempered, ill disciplined weather effected spectacle at Durban. Are The Sharks and The Chiefs the most likely Super rugby teams to deliver such trash and it still has legs as the judiciary unravels it all. three red cards, two suspensions , a one week for Elliot and Four for du Plessis and more to come. That tackle on Cruden looked very ugly.

Oh and the Vodaphone warriors made good,  the ref had no option to ending things in the Brisbane swamp at 73 minutes with the Pheonix ahead 2/1, that water was ankle deep, although it is easy to understand The Roar's dismay.
The Tactix, well at least they made it better as it went on, giving a 10 point start was a bit of a self imposed hurdle, to only go down by 3 showed spirit.

Tomorrow,   no predictions,  sadly one team will lose and all I have is hope it is them to go home, hang on "we" are already home, no pressure guys just play well and enjoy the moment. Oh and another win would be cool but in this mode it can turn on a dropped catch in the first over with a four to your name, eh Mon.

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pdm said...

Soth Africa come to Eden Park tomorrow with a far superior bowling attack to the Windies. Steyn has not been at his best so far and that is ominous - he is due.
They also bat far deeper than the Windies and are a superior fielding team.

NZ will have to bowl better than they did on Saturday - Boult excepted - and will have to be on top of their game in all areas to win. A bit more discipline from McCullum at the start of the innings would be a good start.