Wednesday, March 18, 2015


#1      He's made it very clear that he WON"T be shifting to Northland. Commented that if it was good enough for the PM to live in Parnell and represent Helensville then it was good enough for him to live with his partner in St Mary's Bay and commute north.   It's all bullshit.   You can drive from Parnell to Helensville in minutes while it's four hours up to Kaitaia (one way).    They won't be seeing much of him and neither will the rest of Northland.   The reality is that we get an an absentee MP

#2     He won't commit to standing in 2017.   Understandable I guess.    Seven decades of hard living must take its toll.   So, why would you pick a person at the end of his Parliamentary career over Mark Osborne who has the energy, drive  and commitment to make a difference long term.

#3     Vote him in and you get a second MP free (from Invercargill).   May well go down in Southland. Not sure how that helps Northland.

#4.    Puts RMA reform on the back burner.    Elect him and National loses its ability to progress the second stage of the much needed reforms.    Labour, the Greens, NZ First, the Maori Party and United Future are all opposed to the changes.   Northland (and NZ) needs RMA reform to help further unlock its economic potential.   The RMA is an excuse for bureaucracy to run riot with all the attendant cost.   Happy for that to continue? .... I'm not.

#5.    Puts the Free Trade deal with Korea at risk.    NZL is a trading nation and the OAP hates free trade with a passion.     No matter that in the medium term the deal is projected to be worth up to half a billion dollars to the NZL economy.    Anti-free trade and you're anti-farming and farming is big in Northland.

#6     Northland loses its voice in Government.    If anyone thinks that a thrice rejected politician going to enjoy open-door access to Government Ministers then they are dreaming.    He is part of the Opposition.    The Opposition doesn't rate overly high in the pecking order and his record as a destructive and divisive force will see him at the end of the queue.    

I've known WRP for over thirty years.   He's an ego driven bully who works on the principle of 'his way or the highway'.    He doesn't have close friends.   They've figured him out.   Perhaps that explains why Mary-Ann Baker, sometime NZ First candidate in Northland, is out there working as part of Team National to elect Mark Osborne as our next MP.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

If Winston wins, Northland will get the MP it deserves.