Thursday, March 5, 2015


The 'revelations' in in the media that the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) routinely intercepts communications from our Pacific neighbours is shock, horror, beyond belief NOT.  For Chri..kes, that's part of their job.   Spy agencies do actually spy.

And with China having established a very real presence in the Pacific over the past few years, allied with the fact that the region has become increasingly into focus as a back-door entry for hard drugs into both NZL and Australia, we would be remiss not to engage in intelligence gathering in the region.

Andrew Little needs to get real.   His comment that spying on our Pacific neighbours "appears wrong to me" shows a certain disconnect from the realities of the 21st century more akin to US Secretary of State Simson when, in withdrawing funding from the US Cypher Bureau in 1929,  he 'famously' said "Gentlemen don't read other Gentleman's mail".    

And all this per courtesy of Nicky Hager working in conjunction with the American traitor Edward Snowden.       The same Snowden who featured in the so called 'Moment of Truth' generally seen as the greatest flop of the 2014 election campaign.     You will remember his claim that the CIA operated a top secret spy base just north of Auckland later revealed to be none other than the Warkworth Sattelite Station opened in 1971 ... funny that.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Released just in time for the Northland by election. Well, it worked so well last time didn't it?

Noel said...

Most thinking Kiwi's only require a confirmation or denial whether "GCSB upgraded its capabilities in order to collect “full-take” data and then shared it directly onto XKEYSCORE."

Why it is so hard to obtain is beyond me.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... you mean that GCSB has a responsibility to share its modus operandi with the public at large?

I think not and why should it anyway. It is answerable only to its Minister and Parliament's Intelligence & Security Cttee. That's how it has to be and tough if you think otherwise.

It's a spy agency for chri...kes. It's amazing to me that some people still think the whole thing is something akin to a game of cops and robbers.

Noel said...

You sound like the PM.
The question is simple. Does GCSB forward "full take" or selected data to XKEYSCORE."

If the latter I agree entirely because the selection has been carried out under NZ protocols.

But the former is a case of "here's everything we sucked up and you(agencies not under NZ Law) can decide what you want to pick and choose from it".

Nah.... that's a different kettle.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, you are sounding like a mortally wounded Marxist.

And now for tomorrow's Herald headline.

"Documents reveal NZ police have been arresting criminals."

The Veteran said...

Noel ... I understand what you are saying but the question is better debated by Parliament's Intelligence & Security Committee where there can be a full and frank discussion rather than some half baked debate in the media stoked on by the likes of Harger.

What you are implying is that Little and Shearer arn't up to asking the hard questions.

macdoctor said...

Of course the "full take" of metadata is sent to the states unedited. For the GCSB to select data, they would have to plough through thousands of gigabits of data manually because they DON'T have access to XKEYSCORE, which would allow selective data mining.

This is not actually spying. Google and Facebook do very similar things when they target their adverts. Programs like XKEYSCORE allow you to focus only on metadata that is extremely likely to be illegitimate. I.e. The primary function of metadata mining IS anti-terrorism.

Noe said...

It,s not actually spying.

Hmmm....if I sent an email whilst on holiday in Fiji and it was sucked up and forwarded without intercept would that be a breach of the GCSB Act.

gravedodger said...

No Noel, no crime under the GCSB legislation.
Of course unless you sent your snaps to the Head Honcho of your Mosque, that might alert the keystroke program.
Of course if you import some AK47S and rocket launchers I for one would support your efforts being investigated by my government even if Angry is in the 9th floor offices.

What part of National Security puzzles you?

Noel said...

Claims this morning that Kiwi transmissions cannot be separated out.
Supports claims that full take forwarding does breach sections of the Act.

Paulus said...

An to think that I actually congratulated David Lange and Geoffrey Palmer for setting up the GCSB

Noel said...

"What part of National Security puzzles you?"

What's with your peoples fixation on National Security as the only issue.

Example. There is a juicy global tender for a project in the Pacific.
A Kiwi company sends a small team to evaluate and they send an encrypted report back to Wellington.

A US company has an insider in the intel community and obtains a copy of the report.

Never happen? Geez Snowden was a low level feeder, not an intel analyst as claimed by the media, and he managed to obtain documents above his pay grade.

Occulus Exercitius said...

Hey Noel,
Snowden and your lot are so out of date, it's not even funny anymore.
The world has moved on from XKEYSCORE.
This is old technology. If I were you i'd be more concerned with ELYSIUM collecting your comms.

Better research this one dude.