Saturday, March 21, 2015

RIP Malcolm Fraser

Australian ex PM Malcolm Fraser died a few days ago, aged eighty-four.

Adolf was a small time Liberal Party branch official at the time Fraser became PM and Whitlam was sacked.

People may not know one of Fraser's greatest political assets was his wife, Tammy.  She was a gentle  little thing and one day some jerk at the ABC was interviewing her.  The left had been criticizing Fraser's wealth, insinuating it made him unfit for office.  At the time there had been many revelations of corruption on a grand scale among those of the left.

Tammy smiled sweetly at the ABC jerk and said:

"Well, you're jolly lucky Malcolm is wealthy.  He doesn't have to steal from the taxpayers like those other people."


Noel said...

Ahh so he never picked up his eligible pay,superannuation or all those other perks the opposition took?

gravedodger said...

Nice one Noel not even in the ground but as with Thatcher you feral bastards cant even cease your rabid hate driven pathetic denigration while the body cools and his loved ones grieve.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... you overstepped the mark there in spades and I suspect that, on mature reflection, you probably realize that too.

Howie said...

Get a grip, ladies. Noel was just pointing out how silly Adolf's made up quote was. Fraser compares well to the weirdo currently wasting space in the Lodge doesn't he though?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Howie, Not made up, just slightly paraphrased. It was a memorable slap in the face for the ABC jerk.

Of course if you've not been on earth more than seventeen years, you wouldn't really know.

Tinman said...

Try as I might I can remember very little of Fraser.

His tenure was neither notable nor overly successful.

I would include a positive anecdote of his time at the top but I simply don't know of one.

At the time Oz pollies were happy to walk all over their fellow Ocker's rights to appease a small group of African terrorists - led by a Pom-based clerical (and unintentionally rather humorous) little fellow.

Our own Piggy Muldoon was not, which put him offside with the appeasers including Fraser.

I was on Piggy's side. History has proven him correct.

Howie said...

"Not made up, just slightly paraphrased."

Made up then. Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

I was in Sydney airport once when the air traffic controllers were having a problem with life and went on strike. The TV interviewer asked Mal Fraser when the government was going to meet their demands. "We're not going to, they can bloody strike forever" 'Bloody thanks Mal' was all I heard around me.
I can imagine Piggy saying similar but not our current bunch of media trained weasels.