Sunday, March 29, 2015

O Death Where Is Thy Sting.

Today in around an hour The Australian One Day Teams will go at it until a winner is found.

The Australians are carrying a flag for one of their warriors who died in another match, struck down when a bouncer from another cricketer hit him below his helmet and in a rather bizarre outcome killed him when his brain became starved of Oxygen.
Michael Clarke the Aussie skipper was very close to Phillip Hughes, David Warner another deeply affected by the death.
Every cricket aficionado on the planet was  subjected to sadness and regret but many were comforted by two things one Phil died doing what he loved, and two died probably without awareness of the way his death at 25 was so devastating for so many and touched almost all who follow the sport.
Hughes death caused a rearrangement of a test series in Australia against India, it had our own team facing a Pakistan team on 281/3 after day one of five at what is the slightly bizarre "home" game for Pakistan in the Gulf and seriously considering calling the test off. History records they dismissed the home team for only 70 more runs then raced to 249/1 with skipper McCallum hitting 153 not out.
It was surreal, wickets fell with no emotion, players were all battling their feelings in their own personal and unique way, performances were at the same time almost automatic and yet pure in application hence McCallums runs and off spinner Mark Craig's best bowling of 7/91.
Not a single bouncer, at no stage a fielder close in under a helmet.

In October 2012 a legend of NZ Cricket Martin Crowe revealed he was battling a rare Lymphona that would shorten his life with one opinion suggesting he may have had only a year at most.
30 months on and Martin Crowe is still enjoying as are we all possibly the single most significant run of international cricket in our history for NZ
The NZ one day team has played 6 round robin games without a loss including a victory over Australia at Eden Park, England at The "Tin and Sri Lanka at the strange mix of history and the new on Hagley oval.
Then the West Indies were accounted for as quarter finals came and went, followed by the roller coaster again back at Eden Park when South Africa and NZ went to battle to see who would remain in contention and who would remain seeking a semifinal win and a world cup final place for a first time.
The last over and a six with one ball to spare, NZ triumphed in an exhibition of how a great game can be decided with almost unbelievable tension yet with so many acts of sportsmanship that threatens all too often to depart Cricket for all time.
Martin Crowe has been able with hin the battle his health throws at him to enjoy it all and so much of it is testament to his tremendous career as a performer, innovator and cricketer.
Having been installed into the Cricket hall of fame at the mid innings break at Eden Park during the Australia game his impending death is an inspiration to his successors.
One Life ended suddenly and the other being slowly drained by illness.

O grave where is thy victory.

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